Troll Claw Woods (BD7100, BD7110)

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Note: The first time you exit this location, you'll trigger an encounter map featuring a "gaping pit" on one side. You'll encounter ankhegs and goblins on the surface and myconoids in the pit. If you loot all of the corpses and containers in the two maps, then you'll find 20 Arrows +2, 20 Arrows of Piercing +1, a Composite Longbow +1, Elven Chain Mail, a Short Sword +1, the unique long sword Spell Breaker +2, a Star Sapphire, and scrolls of Lower Resistance, Minor Spell Deflection, and Teleport Field. You'll also find a Letter to Valeriss about the Exile (aka the Hooded Man).

1 - Flaming Fist Encampment

This camp should feel familiar by now: Belegarm will sell goods, Mizhena will provide temple services, Thaird will provide inn services, and any companions not in your party will loiter nearby. You'll also find your supplies chest on the western side.

New for this camp you'll meet Lieutenant Otilda. She'll tell you that she doesn't trust the three half-orc irregulars traveling with the Flaming Fists, and she'll ask you to pick a fight with them so you can get rid of them. You'll find the irregulars to the east (#2). There are three things you can so with them:
  • You can provoke them into a fight. This will trigger a battle, but as soon as one of the half-orcs dies, the other two will leave.

  • You can talk to Kava. He'll agree to tell you about himself if you bring him a "frosty mug of ale." You'll find a Tepid Mug of Ale -- apparently close enough -- in the crusader camp at Boareskyr Bridge. When you hand it over to Kava, he'll tell you that he and Farrl stashed some gold in Bridgefort, and that they've joined you so they can break through the crusaders and get it back. Upon hearing this story, you'll only be allowed to let the irregulars stay with you.

  • You can talk to Rend. He'll offer to tell you about himself if you fight him and his friends in a non-lethal duel. If you agree to his terms, then the three irregulars will turn hostile and attack you. You should only attack them back with your (non-monk) fists so nobody dies. If you win the duel, then Rend will tell you that he used to be a part of Caelar's crusade, but that he left when they treated him poorly, and that now he can't wait to get revenge. This story will allow you to either let the irregulars stay or force them to leave.
When you return to Otilda, you'll earn 6000 xp. If you forced the half-orc irregulars to leave, then Otilda will hand over 105 gp. However, if you allow the irregulars to stay, and if they survive the siege at Bridgefort, then when you reach the far side of the Boareskyr Bridge, Kava will show up and give you a share of their stashed loot -- 300 gp.

Finally, in a crate near Belegarm you'll find 20 Arrows +1, 20 Bolts +1, and 20 Bullets +1.

2 - Half-Orc Irregulars

The irregulars are involved in Otilda's quest at the Flaming Fist encampment (#1).

3 - Orcs

At this spot you'll encounter a group of orcs, including an Orc Priest and an Orc Leader. After the battle, you should notice the corpse of an adventurer nearby. On it you'll find the unique mace Glimmer of Hope +2 plus some gp.

4 - Bandits

The bandits here will demand your money or your life -- until they recognize who you are, and then they'll flee. If you hit them with a Fireball before they start talking, then you can kill them in one shot. This will earn you about 400 xp, and you'll find 3 Arrows of Fire, 120 Flaming Arrows, and 6 scrolls of Melf's Acid Arrow on their corpses.

5 - Jaheira and Voghiln

You'll meet Jaheira and Voghiln here. Jaheira is a True Neutral Fighter / Druid. Voghiln is a Neutral Good Skald. They'll join you (together or separately) if you invite them. Jaheira will also tell you about a teleportation circle that you can use to enter Bridgefort. However, to use the circle you'll need a special Wardstone, which Jaheira will speculate might be in the nearby Temple of Bhaal.

6 - Refugees

You'll meet three refugees here. You can give them 10 gp or not and it won't make any difference.

7 - Troll Battle

When you enter the Troll Cave, you'll immediately get attacked by several trolls, including a Troll Shamaness. Fire spells and weapons, plus maybe a Haste spell, will make this battle much easier.

8 - Bone Pile

Inside this bone pile you'll find a Tinderbox, which you'll need in order to light a torch (#9).

9 - Dark Room

When you first enter this room, you'll be attacked by a Spectral Troll worth 1500 xp. Then if you send a character with infravision into the room, you'll detect an unlit torch. If anybody in your party is holding the Tinderbox (#8), then clicking on the torch will light it, revealing a corpse and a chest. Inside those two containers you'll find a Beljuril, a Locket of Embracing, a Medium Shield +1, a scroll of Enchanted Weapon, and a Wand of Fear.