Bloodbark Grove (BD7400)

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1 - Lord Dushwick and Chalmers

When you approach this spot, Dushwick will ask you to help his man Chalmers. If you say that you have no time for them, then they'll simply leave. Otherwise, Dushwick will take offense at your words, and he'll order Chalmers to thrash you. Chalmers will wisely decline, and the two of them will leave, minus the possessions Chalmers was carrying for Dushwick. If you loot the pile, then you'll find a few gems.

2 - Belladonna Bushes

You'll find Belladonna in these bushes. You'll need Belladonna for Neera's companion quest.

Note: The bushes won't glow when you press the highlight key. You'll just need to move the cursor over them until it changes to indicate that you can loot something.

3 - Onoroth

Onoroth is involved in Dosia's quest from the Coalition Camp. He'll also have some items for sale, including Ankheg Plate Mail.

4 - Basement

Down the staircase here, you'll arrive in the basement of a destroyed house. You'll immediately get attacked by a wolf. After defeating it, you should detect a hidden lever on the wall. When you pull it, you'll open the way to a secret room where you'll encounter wolves, dread wolves and a fledgling vampire. If you place your tanks in the doorway to the room, then you'll be able to trap the enemies inside, where they'll be easy pickings for Fireball (or other area-effect) spells. Oddly, the dread wolves will act like trolls, and you'll have to use acid or fire to finish them off.

Note: The Charred Journal next to the entrance to the basement will give you some background information about how the vampire came into being.

You'll earn over 9000 xp for defeating the creatures in the basement. They won't drop any equipment, but when you loot the nearby containers you'll find 20 random arrows, a cursed Oil of Speed, a scroll of Confusion, a Small Shield +2, and the unique war hammer Sundermaul +3. Just be careful of the five traps in the secret room.

5 - Shambling Mound

At this spot you'll encounter a shambling mound and three bombadier beetles. The shambling mound is nasty and has lots of resistances (including an immunity to fire), so hit it with your best attacks right away before it can entangle and kill your melee fighters. You'll earn 6360 xp for winning the battle. Afterwards, you might notice a few corpses on the ground around the shambling mound. On one of them you'll find a Clasp of Helm, a scroll of Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental, and a Wand of Fear.

6 - Strange Tree

The tree here is involved in Dosia's quest from the Coalition Camp.

7 - Greater Basilisk

You'll encounter a Greater Basilisk here. Make sure you have some form of Protection from Petrification before fighting it. You'll earn 7000 xp when the basilisk dies, and you'll find a Basilisk Claw on its corpse. You might need the claw for Dosia's quest from the Coalition Camp.

8 - Standing Stones

The stones here aren't involved in any quests, but in one of them you'll find a Beljuril and 10 Water Opals.