Glint's Companion Quest
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For Glint's quest, you'll need to pay a visit to four of his relatives so he can later tell his mother how they're doing. Details about the relatives are listed below:
  • You'll meet Hoach Randymonk, Glint's uncle, in Bridgefort.

  • You'll meet Pritchard Gardnerson, one of Glint's cousins, in the Coalition Camp. Shortly after the meeting, Glint will ask you to beat him up. He'll fear that Pritchard is so annoying that if he stays around soldiers for too long, then eventually one of them will kill him (and in fact, a pair of soldiers will try to hire you for that very purpose). When you talk to Pritchard, you'll receive a dialogue option that will allow you to lead him to an unpopulated part of the camp, but this isn't necessary. Nobody will come to Pritchard's aid. Unfortunately, for attacking Pritchard (even if you do so with your fists) you'll lose 2 Reputation points. But you'll be able to convince Pritchard to leave the camp, and he'll give you Pritchard's Family Stiletto +2 as a reward.

  • You'll meet the ghost of Litla Barkersdottir, an ancient relative on Glint's mother's side, in a cave at the Underground River.

  • You'll meet Rhonda Swiftfootsdottir, another of Glint's cousins, in the Warrens beneath the Underground River.
You won't receive a reward for completing the quest.