Avernus (BD4400, BD4500, BD4600, BD4700)

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1 - Portal

This is where you'll start out in Avernus. You won't be able to take the portal back to Dragonspear Castle. You'll have to keep moving forward.

2 - Darnas and Illaruel

At this spot you'll encounter some crusaders led by Darnas battling some demons led by Illaruel. This battle should not be too bad, except that Illaruel and her imps will cast (dire) charm on you. The easiest way to deal with this is to cast Chaotic Commands on your tank, and have your tank engage the demons with melee attacks while the rest of your party stays back and uses ranged attacks. This should work because the demons will almost always try to charm the enemy closest to them -- your tank -- but if somebody else gets charmed then you'll need to cast Dispel Magic or Remove Magic on them, or else they'll end up fighting the crusaders until one or the other is dead.

You'll earn over 30,000 xp for the battle, and you'll find Bloodsoaked Minutes on Illaruel's corpse. If Darnas survives the battle, then you'll have to make a choice between killing him or letting him go (which will cause him to retreat to Dragonspear Castle). Darnas is worth 2000 xp, and he'll drop a Two-Handed Sword +1. Another crusader will drop a Morning Star +1.

3 - Idyletia

Idyletia is involved in Zaviak's Vision Quest. You'll only be able to see and interact with her if you're wearing the Spectacles of Spectacle.

4 - Thrix the Profane

When you approach Thrix, he'll summon several demons for you to fight. Once you've defeated them, he'll offer you a wager. If you can answer his riddle, then he'll open the door to the Elevator (Exit B). But if you can't, then he'll take the soul of one of your companions -- or your soul, if you insist on doing it that way. This will give you three ways to proceed:
  • You can answer the riddle correctly ("murder"). To reward you, Thrix will offer you a prize -- either an Echo of the Fiend +3, The Guardian Devil, or a Tongue of Acid +3.

  • You can answer the riddle incorrectly and give up the soul. Thrix will tell you that he'll collect his reward at some point in the future, so this option won't actually cost you anything (although you might tick off one of your companions).

  • You can threaten Thrix, either before or after hearing the riddle. This will cause him to summon some more of his demon friends and teleport away.
Regardless of your choice, the door will open, allowing you to continue.

5 - Xhost

Xhost is involved in Zaviak's Vision Quest. You'll only be able to see and interact with him if you're wearing the Spectacles of Spectacle.

6 - Caelar, Hephernaan and Belhifet

When you arrive here, you'll learn how Hephernaan was able to seduce Caelar into following his plan. You'll then have to make a choice:
  • You can forgive Caelar for her actions and ask her to fight with you. She'll accept, and so it will be your party plus Caelar against Hephernaan and Belhifet.

  • You can continue to fight against Caelar. She'll replace Hephernaan at Belhifet's side, and so it will be your party against Caelar and Belhifet. This option is much more difficult than the other.

  • You can stay neutral towards Caelar. She'll then either join Belifet (see above) or she'll attack Hephernaan, causing Belifet to kill her. Your party will then have to attack Hephernaan and Belifet without any help.
Either way, you'll have a tough fight ahead of you. Belhifet will cast fire spells, summon demons, and quaff potions, and he'll also resist a lot of damage (you'll need +3 weapons to hit him). Plus he'll have Caelar or Hephernaan helping him out. We'd recommend taking out any summoned creatures plus Hephernaan as quickly as possible so it's just you against Belhifet. If you're facing Caelar, then you'll just have to pick your poison because Caelar and Belhifet are about as tough. But regardless, you'll have to wear your enemies down while staying alive yourself.

Some useful potions for the battle include Potions of Extra Healing (lots for everybody), Potions of Fire Resistance (to minimize Belhifet's spell damage), and Potions of Storm Giant Strength (mostly for your tanks). Some useful spells for the battle include Enchanted Weapon (to bump up your weapons, including monk hands, to +3), Greater Malison and Lower Resistance (to make Belhifet more vulnerable), Dispel Magic and Remove Magic (to remove the charmed effect), Remove Fear (to nullify Hephernaan's Fear Aura), and of course all of the favorites like Bless and Haste.

When Belhifet dies, you'll earn 45,000 xp, but you won't find anything on his corpse. To begin the game's lengthy denouement, you'll just need to talk to Caelar (if she's still alive) or her uncle Aun Argent. One of them will stay behind to close the portal, and you'll be able to make your escape. Congratulations for completing Siege of Dragonspear!

Note: During the epilogue, you'll either be freed from prison by the dukes, or you'll get broken out by a thief sent by Imoen. Regardless, you'll end up in a cavern beneath the city, where you'll find a rock with a keyhole in it. If you were released from prison, then you won't be able to open it, but if you were broken out, then you'll find the Rusty Key for it on a body in the northern part of the sewers prior to the cavern. Inside the rock you'll only find a few basic potions and scrolls, so it's not a big deal either way.

  1. Staircase to the Bridge.
  2. Doorway to the Elevator.
  3. Elevator to Basalt Tower. It'll take a while to get to the top, and during that time you'll get attacked by a variety of demons, including Hellcats, Abishais, and a Bone Fiend.