Neera's Companion Quest
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When you meet Neera in Bridgefort, she'll tell you that she's being haunted by Adoy -- even though Adoy isn't dead. If you question her about this, then she'll eventually tell you that she can solve the problem with a potion, and she'll list the five ingredients that she still needs:
  • Belladonna. You'll find this growing in Bloodbark Grove.

  • Giant Spider Leg. You'll find this in the spider lair in the Forest of Wyrms.

  • Planetar Feather. You'll find this in a cart in the crusader camp at Boareskyr Bridge.

  • Potion of Perception. You'll find this in various places, including for sale from Belegarm at the Flaming Fist encampments.

  • Wilhelmina's Miracle Turnip Juice. Neera will purchase this from Wilhelmina in the Coalition Camp if she's in your party. Otherwise Wilhelmina will give you a sample for free.
Each time you collect an item, Neera will automatically take it if she's in your party. Otherwise you'll have to talk to her in one of the Flaming Fist encampments and give her the items. You can also sell her the items for minor amounts of gp. When you've given her all of the items, you'll earn 6000 gp.

For Neera to brew the potion, she'll have to be in your party when you camp somewhere. When you wake up, Neera will quaff the potion, and she'll become better able to manage her link with Adoy. While speculating that maybe she should just turn him off, she'll suddenly realize that he's in the Fugue Plane, and that the only way she can bring him back is to go to the Mountain of Nepenthe. Nobody in your party will know where the mountain is, but Neera will tell you that Adoy will let her know when you get close.

When you reach Kanaglym next to the Underground River, you'll discover that it's the Fountain of Nepenthe rather than the Mountain of Nepenthe, and when you get close to it Adoy will appear, and you'll find out that he's dead after all. Still, Adoy will inform you that he was tortured and killed by a group of Red Wizards called the Order of Eight Staves (who will continue their pursuit in Baldur's Gate II), and he'll warn Neera to be careful. You'll also earn 18,000 xp.