Khalid's Quest
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After concluding the siege at Boareskyr Bridge, Khalid will tell you that he's working on a necklace as an anniversary gift for Jaheira, and that he needs Spider Silk for it. You can find Spider Silk in two places: in the spider lair in the Forest of Wyrms (Chapter 9) and in the hidden cellar in Dead Man's Pass (Chapter 10). However, when you give the silk to Khalid, he'll change his mind and decide that now is not the right time to be worrying about gifts.

Later when you talk to Khalid again, he'll decide that a silken necklace is a good idea after all, but that he needs a precious stone in order to complete it. So he'll ask you to find him an Aquamarine Gem. You'll find one in Dead Man's Pass on an ettin. When you give the stone to Khalid (or charge him 200 gp for it), he'll complete the necklace and give it to Jaheira.

At some point later while traveling with Jaheira, she'll ask you what your opinion is of the necklace, but whatever you say, she'll decide that she likes it. The necklace The Gift will then appear in her inventory, and you'll receive 3000 xp.

"This is how he shows me he cares. I am truly fortunate to have him in my life."