Iron Throne Headquarters (BD0050, BD0111, BD0117)

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1 - Byzon and Riggs

When you approach this spot, you'll witness a Flaming Fist soldier named Riggs shaking down a refugee named Byzon. Riggs will then leave, and when you talk to Byzon, you'll learn that Riggs has been stealing gold from lots of refugees.

You'll find Riggs by the entrance to the Iron Throne Headquarters (Exit A). When you confront him there, he'll admit what he's been doing, but he'll contend that he's "earned" the extra money. No matter what tact you take in the conversation, he'll end up giving you what he stole -- 150 gp.

When you return to Byzon, you'll have two ways to complete the quest. If you give him the money, then you'll earn 300 xp. If you keep the money for yourself -- as your "fee" -- then that's the only reward you'll receive.

2 - Lon

Lon is involved in Berta's quest (#4).

3 - Rasaad

When you meet with Rasaad, you'll learn that worshippers of Selune have been disappearing, and that he's investigating the matter. So he won't join you now, but you'll get another chance at him later. You'll earn 500 xp for talking to him.

4 - Berta

After you've spoken to Rasaad (#3), Berta will wander over to Lon (#2) and accuse him of stealing her holy symbol. When you ask for details, Berta will claim that she's seen Lon staring at the symbol, and that she caught him going through her pack. If you decide to search Lon, then he'll quickly admit what he did -- and then change into a werewolf and attack you. You'll earn 420 xp when Lon dies, and you'll find Lon's Amulet on his corpse. When you return the amulet to Berta, she'll tell you that it now makes her think of death, and that she no longer wants it. So you'll get to keep it as your reward for the quest.

  1. Entrance to the Iron Throne Headquarters.
  2. Basement stairs.