Underground River (BD5000, BD5100, BD5200, BD5300)

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After poisoning Dragonspear Castle's food and / or water supply (in the Basement), or after setting up Phossey's Barrel of Bwoosh! (#20) and returning to the Coalition Camp, a special crusader will randomly spawn in the Underground River and shout out to everybody who you are. This will cause all of the crusaders in the Underground River and the Warrens to turn hostile, which will make doing anything at either location difficult, and which will prevent you from using the lift to the Dragonspear Castle Basement (Exit D). So try to complete all of the quests in those areas before sabotaging the castle.

1 - Battuks

At this spot you'll meet a motley band of raiders led by Battuks. They'll demand that you pay a toll of 50 gp per head. If you comply, then you'll lose the toll money but gain 2000 xp. If you bluff your way past them by convincing them that you're with Caelar Argent, or if you negotiate a truce with them, then you'll earn 4500 xp. If you threaten your way past them, then you'll earn 2000 xp. If you kill them, then you'll earn 1265 xp, and you'll find two Potions of Healing, a Potion of Heroism, a Potion of Extra Healing, a Spear +1, and 542 gp on their corpses.

Note: If you have M'Khiin in your party, then Battuks and Co. will try to recruit her, and you'll be forced either to pay them or fight them. But you'll earn 12,000 xp at the end of the encounter.

2 - Orcs

You'll encounter a nasty group of orcs here, including Orc Bowmasters (who will poison you), Orc Raiders (who will backstab you), and an Orc Shaman. You'll earn around 2700 xp for defeating them, and when you loot their corpses you'll find Arrows +1, Arrows of Biting, Arrows of Ice, Arrows of Piercing, Potions of Healing, and Potions of Invisibility.

3 - Oak Tree

Next to this oak tree, you'll meet the druids Chorster and Jamven, who are entangled in vines. To free them, you'll either need to force-attack them or cast a spell like Breach or Spell Thrust on them. Once they're free, the druids will tell you that they used to belong to a druid circle -- until its leader Korrusk became "obsessed with mutating nature and setting the abominable results loose in the world." They'll then ask you to stop Korrusk, and to help you out they'll give you an Enchanted Seed, which will allow you to purify the oak tree. They'll also offer to help you defeat the crusaders (#8) blocking the way to the Underground River (Exit A).

You'll find the roots of the oak tree in a corrupted grove at the Underground River (#21). Korrusk will be in the grove, and when he spots you trying to access the roots, he'll summon two ankhegs and two dark treants, and he'll attack you. You'll earn about 14,000 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find an Aquamarine Gem (which you might need for Khalid's companion quest), Bloody Bone Plate +2, a Club +1, a Potion of Extra Healing, and a Slime Sickness Curative (which you might need for the poisoned crusaders at #22) on Korrusk's corpse. Then to complete the quest, you'll just need to put the Enchanted Seed in the oak roots and return to Chorster and Jamven. For your efforts, you'll receive The Root of the Problem +1, +1 Reputation, and 12,000 xp.

Alternatively, you can tell Korrusk about Chorster and Jamven, and he'll ask you to kill them. If you attack the two druids, then they'll summon cave bears and phase spiders, but you'll earn over 10,000 xp for defeating them, and you'll find 40 Bullets of Ice +1, Chorster's Head, 40 Darts of Stunning, Jamven's Head, two Potions of Extra Healing, The Root of the Problem +1, and a Spear +1 on the corpses. Then when you show the heads to Korrusk, he'll give you two random potions.

4 - Tower Ruins

Inside the ruins here you'll meet a Dying Myconid. It'll try to communicate with you, but you won't understand what it's saying, and then it'll die. A little past the myconid, you'll find a body holding 14 gp. When you loot it, a Myconid Elder and three Red Myconids will show up. They'll be angry with you, and if you have Jaheira in your party, then you'll learn that the myconids use the tower ruins as a burial place, and that you're trespassing. No matter how you respond, you'll earn 6000 xp, and the myconids will attack you. You'll then earn a further 1910 xp for defeating them, and you'll find a Myconid Bloom-Sac on the corpse of the elder. You'll need the bloom-sac for the poisoned crusaders quest (#22).

5 - Ogre Bandit Camp

When you approach this camp, you'll overhear the ogres arguing about who should be in charge. When they spot you, they'll include you in the conversation. You'll have two choices. You can fight the ogres Arbinge and Cheski and become the new chief yourself, or you can fight Arbinge and Cheski as Murs' champion and allow her to become chief. Either way, you'll have to fight the ogres solo, but nobody will notice if you receive buffs or healing.

Once you've worked out who the new chief will be, Murs will tell you that her mate Slug was kidnapped by the crusade, and she'll ask you to rescue him. You'll meet Slug in the Warrens beneath the Underground River (#29). When you free him from his cage there, he'll tell you about a hiding place located next to Bellowgrim (#16). Inside the hiding place, you'll find The Hydra +2, a Potion of Agility, a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, and a Potion of Regeneration. Then when you return to Murs, Slug will give you a Ring of Fire Resistance, and you'll also earn 6000 xp.

You can also just attack all of the ogres in the camp. You'll earn around 7000 xp for the battle, and you'll find a Morning Star +2 on Murs' corpse.

6 - Ankhegs

You'll encounter four ankhegs here. On a corpse next to them you'll find an Oil of Speed and two Potions of Extra Healing.

7 - Hidden Cache

If you learned about this cache from Rhynwis in the Coalition Camp, then you'll be able to detect it here. Otherwise, you won't be able to detect it (although, oddly, you'll probably be able to detect the trap on it, which you won't be able to interact with). Inside the cache you'll find the unique heavy crossbow Harold +2.

8 - Gate

You'll encounter several crusaders, including a cyclops, guarding the gate here. No matter what you say to them, they won't allow you to pass, and you'll have to fight them. If you agreed to help the druids (#3), then they'll send some animals to assist you. You'll earn nearly 13,000 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find Arrows +1, Bolts +1, Darts of Stunning, a Light Crossbow +1, Potions of Healing, three Spears +1, and a Seal of Caelar on the corpses. You might need the seal to gain access to certain locations (like Exit B and the Dragonspear Castle Courtyard).

9 - Crusader Encampment

You'll have to fight the dozen or so crusaders in this camp, but they're not nearly as difficult as the gate guards (#8), and you should be able to defeat them easily. You'll earn about 5000 xp for killing the crusaders, and you'll find some Potions of Healing on their corpses.

Also in the camp you'll meet the Rashemi travelers Rigah and Julann. If you have Minsc and Dynaheir in your party, then Rigah will complain about how his witch Julann is "flighty" with "random caprices." Meanwhile, Julann will inform you that she's considering joining Caelar's crusade, and she won't believe you if you tell her that it's evil. She won't even believe you if you show her Hephernaan's Ritual Notes (#27), which prove that the crusade has ties to necromancy.

You'll have three four to complete the quest:
  • You can let Rigah and Julann leave without convincing them of anything. They'll head off to Dragonspear Castle to join the crusade, but you'll earn 6000 xp.

  • You can convince Julann that the crusade is evil. For this you'll need to have 13 intelligence when you talk to Rigah (so he comes away "bolstered" rather than "depressed"), or you'll need to have 17 intelligence when you show the ritual notes to Julann. Either way, Julann will see the error of her ways, and she won't join the crusade. You'll earn 6000 xp and +1 Reputation, and Julann will give you Rigah's Dragon Blade +3.

  • You can kill the pair. You'll earn 6000 xp for the battle, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 8, 40 Bullets +2, a Dragon Blade +3, and a Sling +1 on the corpses. However, you'll also lose a point of Reputation.

  • You can convince Rigah to turn against Julann. This will earn you 10,000 xp total, and Rigah will give you his Dragon Blade +3. You'll also get to loot Julann's corpse for Bracers of Defense AC 8, 40 Bullets +2, and a Sling +1.
In a crate near Julann and Rigah you'll find a Long Sword +1.

10 - Crusader Supply Depot

In the center of this depot you'll meet Ladle. He'll ask you to move 20 Sacks of Grain from the crate next to him to the empty crate "near the river." You might think that the destination crate must be somewhere far to the west, but it's actually in the depot on the western side, about 50 feet away from the grain crate. You'll recognize the destination crate because it's the only crate in the depot without a lid. When you put all of the grain in the correct crate and return to Ladle, he'll ask you to put it all back where you found it. When you do this and return to Ladle, he'll reward you with a Potion of Clarity and a Potion of Mind Focusing, and you'll also earn 12,000 xp.

In other crates in the depot you'll find a Potion of Fire Breath and a Potion of Strength.

11 - Gurgle and Floss

You'll meet the sahuagin Gurgle and Floss here. They'll try blocking your path. You'll have three ways to get past them:
  • You can tell them a story. If you tell them about Caelar, then you'll earn 1000 xp. If you tell them about you and Sarevok, then they'll give you a Wand of Water Elemental Summoning.

  • You can kill them. This will earn you 4000 xp.

  • You can warn them that "powerful people" are coming to kill them. They'll want to see, so they'll head south towards the crusader depot (#10) -- and get killed by the crusaders. This will work about the same as you killing them, except that you might not earn any xp.

12 - Vidyadhar

Vidyadhar is involved in Zaviak's Vision Quest. You'll only be able to see and interact with him if you're wearing the Spectacles of Spectacle.

Near Vidyadhar in a crate you'll find two Potions of Extra Healing.

13 - Cave

In the back of this cave, you'll meet Litla, Woris and three other ghosts. They'll mistake you for the ettin that killed them. If you attack them, then you'll earn 20,000 xp. But if you calm them down, then they'll inform you that they're searching for the Fugue Plane, and they'll allow you to loot their corpses so you can deliver their Remains there. You'll also find 40 Arrows +2, 40 Arrows of Piercing +1, and 40 Throwing Daggers +1 on their corpses.

You'll find a portal to the Fugue Plane in Kanaglym (#26). When you click on it, you'll automatically send the Remains through. Then Litla and the other ghosts will appear, and they'll thank you for your help before departing. This will earn you 6000 xp.

The cave is also involved in two other quests. You'll need to talk to Litla for Glint's companion quest, and you'll need to loot the Ettin Club +1 from the ettin corpse in the cave for the ettin ghost's quest (#20).

14 - Cave

You'll have to detect the entrance to this cave. Inside, you'll get attacked by four blind albino wyrmlings. Their breath attacks are nasty, so try to kill them as quickly as possible. You'll earn 5600 xp for defeating them, and you'll find an Acid-Etched Dagger +2 on one of the corpses. Then in the back of the cave, you'll find a Shadow Gem and the Journal of Ithtaerus. The gem isn't used for anything, but the journal will reveal that the wyrmlings were the children of Halatathlaer (Exit C).

15 - Hooded Man

When you come to this part of the river, the Hooded Man will appear on the other side. He'll seem disappointed that you're underground exploring tunnels rather than facing Caelar in her castle. He'll then recommend that you look for "the snake that nestles in Caelar's bosom."

16 - Bellowgrip and the Concoctor

When you approach this spot, Bellowgrip and his partner the Concoctor will pop up out of the ground. They'll have a wide variety of potions for sale.

17 - Shapur and Therli

When you enter this chamber, you'll witness a group of drow led by Shapur attacking a group of crusaders led by Therli. But then cooler heads will prevail, and you'll learn that the drow are searching for two of their own, who are lost somewhere in the tunnels.

You'll find the two missing drow, Kaelet and Umar, to the south (#23). You'll have to kill an ankheg to get to them, but then you'll learn that the pair is in love, and that they're fleeing to the surface because Kaelet is a noble while Umar is only a servant, and their relationship is forbidden. You'll have three ways to handle the situation:
  • You can simply let them go. However, when you return to Shapur, she won't be happy with your choice, and she'll order the drow to kill you. Luckily, Therli and the crusaders will come to your aid, so the battle shouldn't be too bad. You'll earn about 12,000 xp for defeating the drow, and you'll find Bracers of Binding, 20 Bullets of Ice +1, a Long Sword +1, a Sling +1, a Storm Pike +2, and a few potions on their corpses.

  • You can let them flee but accept their insignias in return, which will give you proof that they're dead. When you show this proof to Shapur, she'll insult you a bit, but then she'll give you her Storm Pike +2.

  • You can convince them to return to their people. This will please Shapur more than the other options, but she'll still only give you her Storm Pike +2.

  • If you met Kaelet and Umar before coming here, then they'll already be gone, and you'll only have two options with Shapur. If you immediately reveal that Kaelet and Umar have left for the surface, then the drow will give chase, and they won't hand out a reward. Otherwise, the drow will attack you, and you'll receive the same reward as listed above.
Regardless of your choice, once you've completed the quest Therli will come up to you and thank you for dealing with the drow, and she'll give you a Cloak of the Gargoyle (unless she's dead, and then you'll find the cloak on her corpse).

18 - Campfire

You'll meet the crusaders Anji, Bardyla and Spensse sitting around the campfire here. They'll tell you about a mercenary named Phaerus who dropped a Potion of Fire Breath into the campfire and caused a huge explosion. You might need to do the same thing to cause a distraction (see Exit B).

19 - Strunk

At this spot you'll witness a crusader mage named Strunk binding three water elementals to his will. No matter what you say, you'll have to fight a battle, but you'll have two options for who you fight:
  • You can attack only Strunk. The elementals will disappear when he dies. Then when a nereid shows up looking for her friend, she'll find the elementals already freed, and she'll reward you with a Purification Stone. You'll also earn 17,000 xp, and you'll find the unique dagger Elements' Fury +2, a Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, and a Potion of Extra Healing on Strunk's corpse.

  • You can attack Strunk and the elementals. This can be a tough fight, and when the nereid shows up, she'll discover that her friend is dead, and she'll attack you, too. In total, you'll earn 25,000 xp for the fight, but you'll only receive Strunk's loot. (The nereid will spawn in the river, and you won't be able to walk to her corpse.)

20 - Ettin Ghost / Bwoosh Spot

You'll meet an ettin ghost here. It'll attack you when you come into range, but during the battle it should start a conversation with you. If you inform the ettin that it is dead, then it will ask you to locate its missing club. You'll find the club in a cave to the east (#13). When you deliver the Ettin Club +1 to the ettin, you'll earn 3000 xp, and it will give you a Cloak of the Strange Beast. If you simply kill the ettin, then you'll earn 4000 xp, and it'll drop the Cloak of the Strange Beast.

This is also where you'll need to drop the Barrel of Bwoosh! for Torsin's quest from the Coalition Camp. The Stone Dowser will show you to the general area. To determine the exact spot, you'll need to move the cursor around until it changes into a question mark. Clicking at that point will place the barrel and earn everyone in your party 4000 xp.

21 - Corrupted Grove

When you approach this grove, you'll be stopped by the druid Ferrusk, who will advise you to turn back lest you run afoul of his "children" -- aka ankhegs. He'll then retreat into the grove.

When you talk to Ferrusk inside the grove, you'll be able to tell him that Caelar and Hephernaan plan to open a way to the Nine Hells and release demons into the world. If he believes you (this might depend upon your Reputation), then he'll rethink his deal with Hephernaan, and he'll give you an Amulet of Abnormally Awesome Ankheg Summoning so you can use his ankhegs against the crusade.

Ferrusk is also involved in the quests of Jamven (#3) and the poisoned crusaders (#22).

22 - Poisoned Crusaders

You'll spot four crusaders lying on the ground here. They'll tell you that they ran into some "deadly mold" that is slowly killing them, and they'll ask you to look for a cure. You'll find it at Korrusk (#21). To convince him to give it to you, you can offer to be his friend, you can threaten him, or you can pay him 2000 gp. Regardless, he'll ask you to bring him a Myconid Bloom-Sac (#4), and in exchange he'll give you his Slime Sickness Curative. You can also kill him or rob him for the cure.

When you return to the crusaders, you'll earn 6000 xp, and you'll be given two ways to complete the quest:
  • If you hand over the cure, then three of the crusaders will survive, but the fourth will turn into a wounded mustard jelly that will net you 2000 xp when you kill it. Then one of the survivors will give you a Seal of Caelar, and he'll tell you to see Ladle (#10) for the rest of your reward. Ladle will give you an Oil of Speed, a Potion of Absorption, and a Potion of Stone Giant Strength -- unless you demand more, and then you'll only receive the latter two potions.

  • If you withhold the cure, then the crusaders will turn into wounded mustard jellies. You'll earn 8000 xp for defeating them, and one of them will drop a Seal of Caelar.
Note: For some reason, if Korrusk is dead, then you'll only be allowed to hand over the cure, and the cured crusader won't heal his fellows; he'll just leave them behind and they'll stay sick (meaning you won't get the xp for killing the mustard jelly). However, you will still get the reward from Ladle.

23 - Kaelet and Umar

Kaelet and Umar are involved in Shapur's quest (#17).

24 - Stones

In this cul-de-sac you'll get attacked by a large group of skeletons plus a shadowed soul. After the battle, you'll find scrolls of Conjure Lesser Air Elemental and Minor Spell Turning amid the rocks on the eastern side.

If you have M'Khiin with you, then you'll also find a pile of gear here. When you click on it, the ghost of Kruntur will start talking to you. It won't want you to use its armor, but it won't get a vote. However, while you'll find the Axe of Kruntur +2, Kruntur's Armor +2, The Ghostdreamers' Robe, and The Soulherder's Staff +2 in the pile, M'Khiin will only be able to use the two warrior items or the two shaman items, depending on what you say to her.

25 - Zhadroth

Zhadroth is involved in Zaviak's Vision Quest. You won't be able to see or interact with him unless somebody in your party is wearing the Spectacles of Spectacle.

26 - Fountain of Nepenthe / Portal to the Fugue Plane

This fountain is involved in Litla's quest (#13) and also Neera's companion quest.

27 - Kherriun

Kherriun is a necromancer and the master of the ghost dragon Halatathlaer (Exit C). When she or any of the dark magicians around her spot you, they'll attack. During the battle, Halatathlaer will show up, and if her ghost jar is intact, then she'll attack you, but if the jar is broken, then she'll attack the dark magicians. Halatathlaer is very nasty, so you should break the jar as quickly as possible, which you can do by dealing enough damage to Kherriun. Once Halatathlaer is your ally, you can either back out of the way and let her deal with the magicians herself, or you can try to help out and pick up some extra xp.

You'll earn 5000 xp for defeating Kherriun, 2000/3000 xp each for the dark magicians, and 900 xp each for the undead sentries, so you can earn over 20,000 xp for the battle if you're quick. You'll also earn 32,000 xp at the end for freeing Halatathlaer. Halatathlaer will then start a conversation and she might reveal a few things, like that Hephernaan was in charge of the dark magicians and that you should "beware the exile" (aka the Hooded Man). Halatathlaer might also ask you to tell her friend Daeros Dragonspear that she'll wait for him in the Fugue Plane. You'll find Daeros imprisoned in the Dragonspear Castle Basement. If you free him from his bindings, then you'll earn 18,000 xp.

When you loot the corpses of the magicians, you'll find an Adventurer's Robe, an Amulet of Protection +1, Asp's Nests +1, Bracers of Defense AC 7, Bracers of Defense AC 8, Bullets +1, Bullets of Electricity +1, a Dagger +1, Darts of Stunning, Darts of Wounding, a Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, three Mage Robes of Fire Resistance, Potions of Explosions, Potions of Extra Healing, Potions of Healing, a Ring of Wizardry, a Robe of the Evil Archmagi, a Sling +1, a Staff Mace +2, Sunstone Bullets +1, a Wand of Fear, a Wand of Fire, two Wands of Frost, two Wands of Paralyzation, and scrolls of Animate Dead, Chaos, and Greater Malison. Nearby in a chest you'll also find Hephernaan's Ritual Notes. You might need the notes for Julann's quest (#9).

28 - Containers

If you loot all of the containers scattered throughout the Warrens, then you'll find two Antidotes, 20 Arrows +2, 40 Arrows +3, ten Arrows of Antimagic +1, 40 Arrows of Biting, three Arrows of Detonation, 40 Bolts +3, 40 Bolts of Ice +1, 40 Bolts of Lightning, 40 Bullets +3, 40 Bullets of Electricity, 40 Bullets of Ice +1, a Long Sword +1, a Potion of Clarity, ten Potions of Extra Healing, five Potions of Fire Resistance, three Potions of Genius, a Potion of Insulation, a Potion of Perception, a Potion of Stone Form, a Scimitar +1, a Spear +1, and scrolls of Cloudkill, Detect Illusion, Hold Monster, Improved Invisibility, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Monster Summoning III, Protection from Poison, and Stoneskin.

29 - Cages

You'll meet Slug in one of these cages. He's involved in Murs' quest (#5). If you free Slug, then he'll tell you about an ogre hiding place, which you'll discover right next to Bellowgrip (#16). When you loot it, you'll find The Hydra +2, a Potion of Agility, a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, and a Potion of Regeneration.

30 - Crusader Priest Polvi

Polvi is a priest of Helm. He'll provide you with temple services, and he'll also sell you a variety of items, including a Girdle of Bluntness, a Staff Mace +2, and Talos's Gift.

31 - Rhonda

Rhonda is involved in Glint's companion quest. If you have Glint with you, then Rhonda will convince Betror and Einer to let you use the lift (Exit D), and then she'll leave. If you don't have Glint with you, then Rhonda will tell you that she isn't helping the crusade by choice. If you reveal that the way is clear for her to escape, then she'll give you Nimblefinger Gloves before leaving.

  1. Passage between the Surface and the Underground River.

  2. Passage between the Underground River and the Warrens. To use this exit, you'll have to get past Turin Brassbreaker. There are three ways to do this:

  3. Entrance to Kanaglym. Just in front of the entrance you'll meet the ghost of the dragon Halatathlaer (whose children you might have met earlier at #14). She'll try to prevent you from using the entrance -- but only half-heartedly -- and if you walk past her then you'll learn that she's being controlled by a necromancer named Kherriun (#27).

  4. Lift. You'll meet the trolls Betror and Einer here. Just about anything you say to them will convince them to operate the lift for you, which will take you to the Dragonspear Castle Basement.