Dragonspear Castle Courtyard (BD4000)

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1 - Skie

Skie involved in Bence Duncan's quest from the Coalition Camp.

2 - Main Gate

When you approach this gate, the Crusader Officer on duty will inform you that you won't be allowed to enter the castle grounds unless you have a Seal of Caelar. You can pick up two of these seals at the Underground River.

3 - Corinth, Delton, Demarr, Leopas, Ravoc and Valis

You'll find a group of crusaders here arguing amongst themselves. If you talk to Leopas, then you'll learn that Valis has accused Corinth of being a traitor. Valis will then describe how Corinth warned the village of Innisfall of the crusade's arrival, thus costing the crusade supplies and recruits. Corinth, meanwhile, will say that it was a farmer who warned the village. You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • You can suggest a trial by combat. This will cause Corinth to fight Valis. If Corinth wins, then you won't find much of use on Valis' corpse, but if Valis wins, then you'll find 20 Arrows +1 and Corinth's Bow +2 on Corinth's corpse. You won't receive a reward for resolving the matter in this way.

    Note: To ensure that Valis wins, you can cast buffs and healing spells on her during the fight.

  • You can offer to interview the party of crusaders and figure out what really happened. Leopas will like the idea, and he'll allow you to play investigator. Here's what the crusaders will say:

    • Delton. He'll proclaim Corinth's innocence, but he'll also mention that Corinth had family in Innisfall.

    • Demarr. He'll tell you that Corinth isn't as committed to the crusade as Valis, and that Valis doesn't really like him.

    • Ravoc. He'll tell you that Corinth is weak and doesn't have the "stones" to betray the crusade. You can also goad Ravoc into a fight. He's worth 650 xp, and he'll drop a Battle Axe +1 when he dies.

    • Valis. She'll repeat her accusation.

    • Corinth. If you say the right things to him, and if you have a high enough Reputation, then he'll admit that he warned Innisfall. You'll have an easier time with this if you learned about his family from Delton. If you can get Corinth to confess, then you'll be able to blackmail him for his equipment, which will net you 20 Arrows +1, Corinth's Bow +2, and more.

    When you return to Leopas, you'll have four choices for a verdict:

    • If you find Corinth guilty, then the crusaders will kill him, and you'll find 20 Arrows +1 and Corinth's Bow +2 on his corpse.

    • If you find Corinth innocent, then the crusaders will kill Valis, and when you talk to Corinth afterwards, he'll give you Corinth's Bow +2, and you'll also earn +1 Reputation.

    • If you find Corinth and Valis guilty, and if Leopas accepts your judgment (which might require a high Reputation), then the crusaders will kill both guilty parties, and you'll find 20 Arrows +1 and Corinth's Bow +2 on Corinth's corpse. Otherwise, Leopas will tell you to get lost and you won't receive anything.

    • If you decide that there wasn't enough evidence, then Leopas will get mad at you, and you won't receive a reward.

    As long as you find somebody guilty, you'll also earn 4000 xp at the end of the quest.

4 - Locked and Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find scrolls of Protection from Fire and Protection from Poison.

5 - Tristian

Tristian is involved in Deneld's quest (#16) and also Waizhab's quest from the Coalition Camp. In the barrel next to Tristian, you'll find three Potions of Extra Healing.

6 - Crate

Inside the crate here you'll find a Crusader Uniform. You might need it when talking to Dreon (#10) or Deneld (#16). In the pile of rocks near the crate, you'll find a Potion of Regeneration.

7 - Nan, Pedro and Sallo

When you talk to Nan or Pedro here, you'll learn that Sallo is sleeping off a drinking binge, and that somebody else will need to deliver wine and the Morning Report to Commander Dreon. You'll get nominated for the job, and Pedro will give you an Empty Wineskin. You'll then need to do three things:
  • You'll need to fill the wineskin at the barrels next to Nan and Pedro. This will give you a Full Wineskin.

  • You'll need to pick up the Morning Report from Officer Deneld. He'll give it to you if you're wearing a Crusader Uniform (available at #6 and #13) or if you say that the commander needs it "NOW." He'll also ask you the commander's name (it's "Dreon") but you can get this wrong and still receive the report (by talking to Deneld a second time).

  • You'll need to deliver the Full Wineskin and the Morning Report to Commander Dreon (#10). It won't make any difference if you reveal that Sallo is drunk.
Once you've completed the task, when you return to Nan and Pedro, they'll reward you with an Elixir of Health and a Potion of Absorption, and you'll also earn 6000 xp.

8 - Stone Pile

In one of these stone piles you'll find the First Stone Fragment. You'll need it for Kjarvan's quest (#9).

9 - Kjarvan and Qing

You'll find Kjarvan and Qing praying to a stone because it has Tempus' symbol on it -- only they won't be getting any sort of a response. If you tell them that "perhaps Caelar is not so holy as she seems," then they'll realize you're an enemy, and they'll attack you. You'll earn 840 xp for killing them, but they won't drop anything interesting. If instead you say something else to the recruits, then they'll point out that the stone is missing two shards, and they'll speculate that their prayers might be answered if the stone were whole again. They'll also suggest that the shards should be blessed by a priest of Tempus.

You'll find the First Stone Fragment in a stone pile nearby (#8). You'll find the Second Stone Fragment with Deneld (#16), who will give it to you if you tell him that you're on a "special mission." Then to get the fragments blessed, you'll need to take them to Mizhena at the Coalition Camp. She'll perform the service without requiring any sort of coercion.

When you return to Kjarvan and Qing with the Sanctified Shards, they'll be excited -- provided that you don't tell them who did the sanctifying -- and they'll ask you to add the shards to the stone. When you do, the Voice from the Icon will address you, and it will ask you if you're ready to be tested. If you say no, then nothing else will happen. But if you say yes, then a Sentry of Tempus will appear and attack you. The sentry is kind of nasty because it has great resistances (including 100% magic resistance), but if you just keep at it then you should be able to wear it down. You'll earn 5000 xp when it dies, and you'll find The Bloodied Guardian +2 on its corpse. Regardless of your choice, you'll also earn 6000 xp for completing the quest.

10 - Commander Dreon

Dreon is involved in Nan's quest (#7) and also Waizhab's quest from the Coalition Camp. In two containers near Dreon, you'll find a Battle Standard, a Flail +1, a Medium Shield +1, and Troll Shackles. You'll need to Battle Standard for Waizhab's quest from the Coalition Camp. You'll need the Troll Shackles for Sindret's quest (#18).

11 - Zare

Zare is involved in Deneld's quest (#16).

12 - Beno Famari

Beno is involved in Corwin's companion quest. In the barrel next to Beno, you'll find an Elixir of Health, a Potion of Clarity, and three Potions of Extra Healing.

13 - Locked and Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Crusader Uniform and a Potion of Heroism. You might need it when talking to Dreon (#10) or Deneld (#16).

14 - Locked Gate

You won't be able to go through this gate.

15 - Table

On this table you'll find an Annotated Map, which you'll need for Waizhab's quest from the Coalition Camp. To take the map without anybody noticing, you'll either need to use stealth or a Potion of Invisibility. Conveniently, you can steal Potions of Invisibility from two of the kobolds in the courtyard.

16 - Deneld

Deneld will ask you to talk to people around the courtyard so you can learn more about the crusade. This will generate new conversation options with Ravoc (#3), Sindret (#18), Tristian, (#5), and Zare (#11). You'll only need to talk to two of these people to satisfy Deneld (which is fortunate in case Ravoc is dead). Deneld will then ask you three questions. The answers should be obvious: 1-1-1. If you get an answer wrong, then Deneld will tell you to talk to more people, and you'll get to try again. Otherwise, he'll give you a Ring of the Crusade, and you'll earn 2000 xp.

Deneld is also involved in Kjarvan's quest (#8) and Nan's quest (#7).

17 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find three Potions of Fire Resistance and a Potion of Perception.

18 - Sindret, Troll Wranglers, and Troll

When you talk to Sindret here, you'll learn that a troll has escaped and that Gnarg the troll keeper is missing. Sindret will then ask you to locate the Troll Shackles in the courtyard and bring them back to her. You'll find the shackles in the chest next to Commander Dreon (#10).

Note: If you have a drow in your party, then Sindret won't give you the quest.

When you return to Sindret with the shackles, she'll order you to "show some backbone" and subdue the troll for her. If you decline and pretend to be on assignment from Caelar, then you'll be able to trick Sindret and the wranglers into subduing the troll without your help. Otherwise, you'll have to talk to the troll, and if it fails to cooperate, then you'll have to attack it and knock it unconscious. Either way, you'll earn 4000 xp, but if you do the subduing yourself, then you'll also earn a Potion of Clarity, a Potion of Freedom, a Potion of Heroism, a Potion of Magic Protection, and a Potion of Power. Just be careful that you don't kill the troll (avoid using acid or fire attacks in the fight) or else you won't receive the potions.