Corwin's Companion Quest
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While you're exploring the Dragonspear Castle Courtyard, Corwin will point out a mercenary named Beno Famari, and she'll request that you keep the party away from him. If you ask her why, then she'll reveal that he's the father of her daughter Rohma, that they didn't part on good terms, and -- oh yes -- that she's killed him five times, only to have the priests of Lathander repeatedly resurrect him.

To advance the quest, you'll need to ignore Corwin's request and approach Beno. When he spots you, he'll initiate a conversation. You'll have two ways to respond:
  • If you claim that Corwin "saw the Shining Lady's light, as did we all," then Beno won't believe you, and he and the two mercenaries next to him will attack you. You'll earn about 1500 xp for the battle, but you'll only find some minor loot on the corpses. None of the crusaders in the courtyard will care about the fight.

  • If you say anything else to Beno, then he'll ask about his daughter, but then he'll leave peacefully, and you'll earn 6000 xp.