Coalition Camp Battle
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After parleying with Caelar Argent at Dead Man's Pass, when you return to the Coalition Camp you'll learn that a crusade attack is imminent. To set up your defenses, you'll need to head to the bonfire in the southern part of the camp. There you'll meet a mage named Andrus. She'll tell you that when Phossey made her Barrel of Bwoosh!, she had a lot of explosive residue left over, and if the crusade were to light it on fire, then it would destroy the camp and kill everyone in it. So she'll ask you to hold off the crusade while she neutralizes it.

After your conversation with Andrus, the priestess Dosia will show up. She'll offer you two kinds of healing: regular healing, which will restore your health, and "specialized healing," which will restore your spirit (and cause you to memorize spells). You'll be able to use Dosia in between the waves of the battle, but you'll only be able to select one type of healing during each break, so you'll have to choose carefully. Also, after using Dosia three times, she'll die, and you'll find 80 Bullets +1 and two Potions of Extra Healing on her corpse.

You'll have some allies to help you out during the battle, including archers, "special operations" (aka backstabbing rogues), war mages, and wizard slayers. If you recruited the Dumathoin dwarves while at Coast Way Crossing, then they'll show up and you'll earn +1 Reputation. If instead you helped the Coldhearth Lich, then undead warriors will show up and you'll lose a point of Reputation.

The crusade will attack you in four waves. For the first three waves, you'll get to pick an ally to help you out. For the final wave, any remaining allies will assist you. The waves are described below:
  1. Trolls, ogres and barbarians led by Yarok. You'll find Cornugon's Revenge +2 when you loot the corpses. The archers (with flaming arrows) are a good ally for this wave.

  2. Crusader mages led by Cuvieronius. You'll find Asp's Nests +1, Bullets +1, Darts of Stunning, Darts of Wounding, a Ring of Protection +1, a Robe of the Good Archmagi, and a Wand of Frost when you loot the corpses. The wizard slayers are a good ally for this wave.

  3. Crusader clerics, crusader cavaliers and crusader elites led by Rhayla. You'll find Elven Chain +1 and a Long Sword +2 when you loot the corpses. Any ally is effective for this wave.

  4. A motley band led by Grimgor. You'll find Acid Arrows +1, Arrows of Biting, Arrows of Fire +2, a Flail +2, Full Plate Armor +1, a Large Shield +1, a Long Sword +1, a Medium Shield +1, a Wand of Frost, and a Wand of the Heavens when you loot the corpses.
After each wave, you'll have as long as you want to loot the corpses, but when you return to Andrus and Dosia at the bonfire, you'll only have about a minute before the next wave arrives. So visit Dosia quickly if you need healing.

After defeating the final wave, you'll meet Marshal Nederlok at the entrance to the camp. He'll tell you that the crusaders are falling back to Dragonspear Castle, and he'll order you to meet the coalition commanders there. When you arrive at Dragonspear Castle, Chapter 11 will start, and every character in your party will earn 20,000 xp.

Note: You'll be allowed to rest in the Coalition Camp after the battle. It's a good idea to do that before leaving.

Another Note: As you leave the camp, you might notice Ophyllis near the exit. He'll tell you that he had your money again, but that this time some crusaders stole it. However, he'll let you know that he "took" one of their weapons -- that is, it's stuck in his chest -- and he'll offer it to you. Ophyllis will then die, and you'll find Ophyllis's Short Sword +2 on his corpse. You won't find the crusaders with the money.