M'Khiin's Companion Quest
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M'Khiin doesn't really have a quest, but she'll either add or expand upon three encounters during the campaign:
  • At Bridgefort after completing Wynan Hess's quest, you'll be able to ask Jegg Hillcarver to improve M'Khiin's armor, and she'll craft Jegg's Leathers +2. However, this armor isn't as good as M'Khiin's Goblin Hide Armor +2, which you can pick up at the spider lair in the Forest of Wyrms.

  • On the surface level of the Underground River, you'll meet a raider band led by the hobgoblin Battuks. He and his party will try to recruit M'Khiin away from you. If you let M'Khiin decide where she wants to go (she'll stay), and if you fight Battuks and Co., then M'Khiin will thank you for standing up for her, and you'll earn 12,000 xp at the end of the encounter.

  • In Kanaglym, you'll find a pile of equipment on the ground, including the Axe of Kruntur +2, Kruntur's Armor +2, The Ghostdreamers' Robe, and The Soulherder's Staff +2. When you try to loot it, the ghost of Kruntur will pop up and start talking to you, and during the ensuing conversation you'll have to choose a path for M'Khiin to follow -- either shaman or warrior. Your choice won't change anything about M'Khiin, but it will limit her to only two of the items in the pile. If you choose shaman then she'll only be able to use the robe and the staff. If you choose warrior then she'll only be able to use Kruntur's items. Regardless of your choice, you'll earn 6000 xp at the end of the conversation.

    Note: Despite what is said during the conversation, Kruntur's Armor +2 won't prevent M'Khiin from using her Summon Ghostly Defender ability, and it won't talk.