Coast Way Forest (BD7000)

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Note: The first time you exit this location, you'll trigger an encounter with orcs and trolls. If you explore the three small maps for the encounter -- the surface area, the troll cave, and the pool of water in the troll cave -- then you'll find the unique sling Firefly +2, A Historical Treatise of Dragonspear Castle (which will give you some background information about Dragonspear Castle), and a scroll of Sunfire. To descend into the pool of water, you'll need to have a character with infravision (like Glint) interact with it.

1 - Arrival Point

When you arrive in this area, you'll be just in time to see Skie killing a pair of crusaders. She'll explain that she caught them trying to poison the Flaming Fist rations, and then she'll wander off again.

2 - Rasaad

You'll meet Rasaad here. He's a Lawful Good Sun Soul Monk. Unlike at the Iron Throne Headquarters earlier, this time when you talk to him he'll be available to join your party.

3 - Overturned Cart

You'll encounter a large group of orcs here, including an Orc Leader. After the battle when you search the area, you'll discover the corpses of the two people who had been on the cart. They'll have a Gemblade +1, a Potion of Genius, and a Potion of Insulation on them. You'll also find a Crusader Tract, which will indicate that the two people had been investigating Caelar Argent.

4 - Hunter Camp

At this camp you'll meet Ikros and Isabella, vampire hunters. They'll tell you that they've cornered a vampire inside the cave to the west (#5), but that he's laid traps along the path leading up to it, preventing them from going in after him. If you return to the camp at night and talk to the hunters, then the vampire Tsolak will show up and start a conversation with you. However, Isabella won't want you talking to the vampire at all, and so you'll have to make a choice:
  • You can side with the vampire and attack the hunters. You should immediately target Ikros before he can trigger his defensive spells (including Fireshield Red, Minor Spell Turning, Shield, and Stoneskin), and then focus on Isabella. You'll earn 3400 xp for the fight, and you'll find an Adventurer's Robe, 40 Darts of Wounding, a Long Sword +1, a Quarterstaff +1, The Suncatcher +2, a Wand of Paralyzation, and a Wooden Stake on the corpses. You won't need the stake since you sided with Tsolak.

    After the battle, Tsolak will come up to you and thank you for your help, and he'll tell you to watch for his messenger. You'll meet the messenger at one of your Flaming Fist encampments. The messenger will give you a Trollblood Ioun Stone, and you'll also earn 9000 xp.

    Note: If you attack Ikros and Isabella when you first meet them, then you won't be able to work with Tsolak. You'll only be able to kill him.

  • You can side with the hunters and attack Tsolak. You'll probably defeat him quickly, but instead of dying, he'll turn into a mist, and he'll call out to ten dire wolves to help him out. Tsolak will then return to the cave, and Isabella will give you a Wooden Stake so you can finish him off.

    Inside the cave, you'll find Tsolak regenerating in his coffin. You'll just need to click on the coffin to use the stake on him. Then when you return to the vampire hunters, they'll reward you with The Suncatcher +2 and 250 gp, and you'll also earn 9000 xp.
So either way you'll end up with The Suncatcher +2, which you'll need for Takos's quest at the Coast Way Crossing.

5 - Vampire Cave

This cave is the current home of the vampire Tsolak, who is involved in the vampire hunters' quest (#4). Before dealing with Tsolak, if you rest in the cave, then there's a good chance that you'll get attacked by vampiric wolves (worth 2000 xp each), making the cave a good place to grind xp. After dealing with Tsolak, when you examine his coffin you'll find a Boot and a Half of Speed and Tsolak's Scroll. The boot will come in handy later when you reach Bridgefort, where Hoach might be able to transform it into Boots of Speed. The scroll will indicate that Tsolak was working for somebody named "L."