Safana's Quest
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When you reach the Coalition Camp, Safana will tell you that while she was liberating items from unsuspecting soldiers, she ended up with a notebook detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the coalition army -- something that is clearly the output of a spy. Of course, Safana won't remember who she took the notebook from, but she will recall that it was in a bag with a candle, a potion, and a page filled with runes.

To figure out who the spy is, you'll have to ask the people in the camp about the items in the bag:
  • Bottle - Belegarm will tell you that Helvdar keeps all of his potions in such bottles. When you ask Helvdar about the bottle, he'll tell you that he lost it while playing cards. If you bribe him or threaten him, then he'll reveal that it was Malden Col who won the bottle.

  • Candle - Mizhema will recognize it and claim that someone stole it from her. If you trade threats with her, then she'll tell you that she saw Col sneaking out of her tent. Glint will also recognize the candle. He'll tell you that Col tried to sell it to him.

  • Page - Simonetta Twoedged will recognize the page as belonging to a military code book, and she'll inform you that she loaned such a book to Col.
When you tell Col about the evidence you've found against him, he'll immediately admit to being the spy, and he'll allow you to arrest him. He'll also drop his weapon, a Short Sword +1. When you report your findings to Marshal Nederok, he'll give you the shortbow Fleshripper +2 as your reward, and you'll also receive 6000 xp. If you decline the bow, then you'll receive +1 Reputation instead. If you say that you only want Caelar's head on a pike, then you'll only earn the 6000 xp.

Note: You can also accuse Helvdar or Simonetta of being the spy and kill them for it. Helvdar is worth 420 xp, but you'll lose a point of Reputation for killing him. Simonetta is worth 975 xp, and she'll drop 40 Bolts +1, 40 Bolts +2, a Heavy Crossbow +1, a Long Sword +1, two Potions of Extra Healing, a Potion of Heroism, and Splint Mail +1 when she dies. Either way, when you report in to Marshal Nederok, you'll receive 6000 xp for your efforts.