Purple Wyrm Inn
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If you are playing as Dorn, during chapter three Randalla will give you a quest to help a druid named Allana. You'll go to her grove using the World Map and she'll ask you to slay a dragon for her. Enter the Reaching Woods from her home and you'll begin the quest. Completing the quest gets you some new feats when you report back to Allana. They include Animal Friendship, Barkskin, Heart of the Bear, Heart of the Wolf, and Resist Elements.


When you get to chapter three, if you've maxed out the money you can give her, she'll tell you where to find the monestary of the branch of the Dark Ravens that was sent to destroy your family. You can then take the quest to empty the Dark Monestary and get a set of scrolls that will help you in your quest for power. When you come back to tell Ulua that he is dead you get 8000 xp and access to new feats (from the scrolls). These include Hail of Knives, Arterial Strike, Crippling Blow, Poison, and Stealth.


Talk to him in chapter three and he'll tell you that one of your clan-brothers has discovered Gandam's Hold. Head there to strip the place clean and kill a basilisk. When you complete the quest, you get 8000 xp and new feats, including Dwarven Warsong, Power Attack, Great Weapon Focus, Cleave, Death Blow,Sunder, Shield Bash, and Shield Expertise.