Dragonspear Dungeons
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Apparently levers that open doors are just how dungeons are done. There are two in the starting room. One opens the door to the left, which contains some loot, and the other opens a door to the north that leads to the rest of the level. Go through that door and down the hall. You won't be able to get into the side rooms, yet.


When you get all the way down to the end of the hall, you'll be amush by goblins that come out of the two side rooms. The western side room has a lever that will open the doors to both of the side rooms you had to pass up earlier. Head back east to investigate them.


The first side area room as you head back east has six levers. Pull them all and you'll open the door. You'll also activate the fire pillar, but that's no big deal if you're careful. Loot the room, then head east again.


Go through the door that you couldn't go through before. At the end of the hall, one of the enemies will say, "Now you die" and open a door to release three hell hounds. Continue on to a small room with three comparably sized rooms adjoining it.


This one is preceded by one of the monsters actually yelling "Ambush!" and closing the door you came through. When you've killed all your attackers, you'll need to push both levers int eh side rooms to open the north and south doors. Head south to continue.


Head south until you get to a room with some tents. Why the bugbears need tents indoors is anyone's guess. Anyway, investigate west to find some hell hounds. There are two chests in this room and the Tempus medallion that Felleth was looking for in sin one of the cells to the north. Head all the way back upstairs to Felleth and he'll give you a magic battleaxe and 2000 xp.


When you've gotten back from dropping off the medallion, head south from the tent room. Watch for thefireballs that shoot from the wall and keep trucking until you get to a save point.

8 &%$@# LEVERS

You'll enter a sort of three pronged pillared room. The north hall leads to the stairs that head down, but to get through the door you'll have investigate the other halls to find four levers. I mean, you are in a dungeon, so of course there are levers.


When you've pulled all the levers, head down to the Lower Dungeons using the stairs.