Unholy Mausoleum
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You can only enter the Unholy Mausoleum if you are playing Alessia and have accepted the quest to assault it at the church of Helm in the third chapter. Your mission is to kill Goreth Vileblack. This level is a huge zombie-fest. Basically, I'll tell you how to get to the room with Goreth and you can decide to explore the rest of the area or not. Almost all the other rooms are the same, having some combination of zombies, loot, and traps, so they don't really bear much comment. The room that Goreth is in is directly north of the room you start out from.


Goreth can summon undead minions and has a spin attack. He's not very fast, though. When you kill him, head back south to the room you started from and leave the way you came in.