Purple Wyrm Inn
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Randalla tells you there have been some kidnappings and murders lately. She suggests you start your murder investigation at Bloodmire manor. Note that you can't take on both quests at once. You'll have to take one to its conclusion before she'll talk about the second. You get 1500 gp and 2000 xp for solving the murder case. You get 4000 gp and 1000 xp for rescuing the hostages. After you've done these quests, she'll direct you to Sollus Duncirc and sell you a map that leads to some ruins in the Wood of Sharp Teeth for 400 gp. When you've taken out the Red Fangs, talk to her and she will tell you to go back to the warehouse to meet Jherek (the Harper from Dark Alliance). This will take you to chapter two and give you a new cut scene that shows you what's going on at the main bad guy's crib. If you haven't visited the Wood of Sharp Teeth, don't talk to her, because the enemies in it will change when you get to chapter two.


Keaira has some more to say at this point about the events of the first Dark Alliance game.


Ulua is a dark elf, your sister if you are playing Vhaidra. You can give her money as Vhaidra to assist in her plans to restore her house to prominance. You get some xp each time you give her money, but each time the amount is higher.


Durbem will sell you the key to the vault key of the Halls of the Hammer, but it won't come cheap. You'll need to give him 4000 gp to get the key. If you are playing as Borador, he won't charge you for the key, but he will accept money throughout the game to help pay off your clan's debt to the moon elves. Each time you donate gold to help the clan you get some extra xp.