Baldur's Gate
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Bartley is still around to sell you stuff in chapter three.


Allessia can make donations to the church throughout the game to get extra xp. If you make all the donations possible, when you get to the third act, Huros will send you on a quest to clean out an unholy mausoleum in the area. When you complete the quest you will become a knight and have access to new feats, such as Sunder, Power Attack, Smite Evil, and Cleave. Basically, you become more like a Paladin after completing the quest.


The Purple Wyrm Inn is on the other side of the save point from the Church of Helm.


Omduil is a scatterbrained wizard. He hints that he has some work for you and that he will sell you information, but he will do neither unless you are playing the necromancer and have money. Throughout the game you can pay him to reveal Ysuran's memories, for which you will receive xp. During chapter three, he will tell you that you have been looking for Zarad's Clock Tower, the place where you trained as a necromancer and wrote your book. When you complete the quest, talk to Omduil and he'll tell you that you can now read the last page of the book. This gives you access to new spells, such as Claws of Darkness, Dark Posession, Shadow Shield, Shadow Spray, and Shadow Conjure.

During chapter three, you'll meet Jherek here to find out what your main quests are. He'll explain about the Onyx Tower and how you need to reactivate its four Elemental Foundations using the four artifacts that you gathered. You already know from cut scenes that this is going to cause more trouble for you in the end, but there really isn't anything you can do but press forward. Omduil will transport you to the four planes (air, earth, fire, and water) in any order you choose. You get 5000 gp and 8000 xp each time you activate a foundation.

When you activate all the Foundations, you find out that the big boss is a vampire named Mordoc. You pretty much know what he's up to from the cut scenes and you know where you're going now. Talk to Jherek to go there, but make sure you've visited any optional areas you wanted to, because you won't get to come back.