Plane of Shadow
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Use whatever tactics worked in your earlier fight with Mordoc. The only differene is that he'll sometimes summon a shadow version of himself. When you have defeated him, you get 16000 xp. You also get a chance to save your game and can then smash the Onyx Heart to destroy the tower for good.


After you destroy the Onyx Heart, you are warped back to Bladur's Gate where the citizenry thanks you for freeing them from Mordoc. Instead of a cut scene showing you partying with the nobility, though, you get one that sets up the next game, as some sort of pharoah guy comments on Mordoc's failure and commands a lackey to prepare for his journey to Baldur's Gate. After the credits role, you get to play on Extreme mode and import Drizzt Do'Urden into any game. If you have beaten the game on Extreme mode, you then get to import Artemis Enteri.