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At the beginning of chapter 2, Jherek will be waiting in the side room off the starting room. He'll tell you that he's looking for a number of artifacts, the first of which is the Orb of Thunder. The place you need to look for it will appear on the World Map after speaking to him. When you get the Orb, you'll get 2000 gp and 4000 xp. He'll also tell you that the other artifacts are the Jade Octahedron, the Brazier of Eternal Flame, and the Oceanic Urn.

You can only go after one at a time, so pick the Jade Octahedron first, because it's being held in the Halls of the Hammer, so you can finally use the key that Durbem sold you. You'll get 3000 gp and 4000 xp for returning the Octahedron. You can then go after either of the last two artifacts next.

The Brazier of Eternal Flame is in Arlington National Cemetery . . . I mean beneath Dragonspear Castle. It will appear on the World Map when you accept the quest. You get another 3000 gp and 4000 xp when you return the Brazier to Jherek.

The Oceanic Urn is in Seer's Cove. Jherek tells you that you'll have to take one of Randalla's ships to get there, but you don't actually do this by talking to her. Just go to the World Map instead and everything will be taken care of for you. When you get back to Baldur's Gate after finding it, a thief will have stolen it from you, even if you use a recall potion. You'll then have to go to Hill's Edge to get it back before it is sold to the Zhentarim. When you return again, you get another 3000 gp and 4000 xp for returning the urn.

When you have returned all the artifacts, you will end chapter two, so make sure you have visited the Wood of Sharp Teeth again. Jherek will tell you to meet him at Omduil's Manor to continue your adventure.