Dark Monestary
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You can only enter the Dark Monestary by playing as Vhaidra and completing her quest to consolidate power. If you gove Ulua money throughout chapters one and two, she'll put it on your map in chapter three. Your main task will be to find and kill Draezen Direhand. Throughout the level, dark monks will appear out of nowhere to attack you. Head north from the starting point, then west at the end of the hall.


If you loot the chest at the end of the hall that heads west, you'll sound an alarm and have to fight even more monks. Head back east when you are done in this room.


Keep mpving east and take your first right. Head around until you get back to the hall you were on. The path will now move north to a polygonal room, then west.


You enter another polygonal room that has exits west and north. Go north and you'll enter a sanctuary. Looting it will summon more monks, but more monks mean more xp. Go back to the polygonal room and head west this time.


After exploring two (mostly) circular rooms, you'll head down a hall to the west to find a save point. Head south from the save point and you'll enter a room with two chests. Draezen waits for you in the next room. In addition to having a sword and a jump-kick attack, Draezen has a spin attack that creates four hazy mirror images of himself that can hurt you. When you kill him, you can loot his +4 Imperial Hissing Throwing knife. Use a recall potion to go back and tell Ulua that you've killed him.