Abazigal's Lair 6 (AR6004) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Tunnel

This tunnel leads to Abazigal's Lair 5.

2 - Tunnel

This tunnel leads up to Abazigal's Lair 2.

3 - Tunnel

This tunnel leads to area #4 on this map.

4 - Tunnel

This tunnel leads to area #3 on this map.

5 - Fll'Yissetat

Here you'll meet Fll'Yissetat, a large green dragon that guards the entrance to Abazigal's chambers. If you've retrieved the Scroll of Reversal from Iycanth the Mad in Abazigal's Lair 5, you can simply read it to release the dragon from her geas. Since she wants Abazigal dead, she will gladly hand over the wardstone to enter his chambers.

If you don't have the scroll (or you do, but just want to kill something), feel free to kill Fll'Yissetat. She is a fairly tough dragon, but can be bested with a few critical hits (or just one Vorpal hit). If you choose to go this route, you'll find the wardstone on her corpse, as well as a Ring of Improved Invisibility.

6 - Exit

This exit leads to Abazigal's Lair 7, but you'll need the wardstone from the dragon at area #5.