Abazigal's Lair 2 (AR6001) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Entrance

After defeating Draconis, you'll enter Abazigal's Lair right here. A man will cry out to lock down the lair and then turn into a Greater WereWyvern, attacking you along with several lesser Earth Elementals. Once you've dispatched them all, be sure to grab the empty flask off of the WereWyvern, you'll need it later.

2 - Water Tunnels

The method of navigating throughout Abazigal's Lair is to use the water-filled tunnels you'll find here. Initially, the only tunnel you can utilize is the northwest one, as the rest are too far to swim without some way of extending the amount of time you can hold your breath. Head down the far left tunnel and into the Frost Salamander cave (Abazigal's Lair 3) to fill the flask with the liquid needed to extend your breath.

Once you have the Breath Potion, head down the southeast tunnel into the Kuo-Toa prison (Abazigal's Lair 4) to retrieve the rope from the monk. The rope is needed to traverse the other tunnels, so once you have it, head down the next available tunnel to reach Abazigal's Lair 6. For further navigation throughout the lair, refer to the rest of our walkthrough.