Abazigal's Lair 4 (AR6002) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Entrance

You'll emerge from the water in this room, which is luckily uninhabited.

2 - The Monk's Rope

Wade through a few Kuo-Toa to make your way into this room, where you'll find a prison cell that holds one of Balthazar's monk spies. Speak with him to learn of his torture and that he simply wants to see Abazigal dead. To aid you in killing him, the monk will hand over a rope that you'll need to traverse some of the deeper water tunnels. Then, with no way of saving him, the monk will die. Be sure to loot his corpse for Hindo's Hand, which is used in the construction of Hindo's Doom +4 back at your Abyssal Fortress.

3 - Tunnel

This tunnel leads back up to Abazigal's Lair 2.