Abazigal's Lair 7 (AR6005) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Abazigal

You'll meet the man of the lair, Abazigal, here in the center of the room. He's good for a couple lines of dialogue and then attacks with the aid of several Frost Salamanders. His initial form isn't all too difficult, but just as Draconis, he will transform into a dragon when you thought you had beat him. Use the same tactics you've used on the other dragons you've encountered in Throne of Bhaal and you shouldn't have too much trouble. Keep in mind that summoned creatures come in very useful here to keep the Frost Salamanders at bay.

Once you have destroyed Abazigal once and for all, you will be transported to the Abyssal Fortress to learn more of yourself, and then returned back here to his lair. Before exiting at area #2, be sure to grab Gram the Sword of Grief +5, the Electric Flail Head, and the Blue Dragon scales (used to contruct the Blue Dragon Plate armor) off of Abazigal's corpse.

2 - Exit

This portal leads up to Abazigal's Lair 1.