Abazigal's Lair 1 (AR6000) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Entrance

You'll first enter the outskirts of Abazigal's Lair right here.

2 - Draconis

In the middle of this large area you'll encounter Draconis, Abazigal's guardian mage. Like most of the other encounters you face, a fight is inevitable. Draconis has a bit of a surprise awaiting you, however, as he will transform into a large Green Dragon upon his death. Save as many resources as you can for this battle, since the dragon is much tougher than the mage. Continue to hack away at Draconis' dragon form until he falls, then loot the dragon head and Tzu-Zan's Bracers from its corpse.

3 - Into Abazigal's Lair

Head into the depths of Abazigal's Lair (Abazigal's Lair 2) by descending the stairs here.