Abazigal's Lair 5 (AR6003) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Tunnel

This tunnel leads back up to Abazigal's Lair 2.

2 - Tunnel

This tunnel leads back up to Abazigal's Lair 2.

3 - Petrified Adventurers

As you walk through this area, you'll notice three statues. Since you've been able to find several Stone to Flesh scrolls within this lair (you grabbed them, didn't you?), go ahead and use them on the three statues. When you do, you'll have the honor of meeting Bondari, Nanoc, and Tim, adventurers that were petrified by some of the floating eyeballs on this level.

Once you've spoken to Iycanth at area #4, he will suggest that you send the adventurers to obtain the Gauth Eyestalk. Go ahead and send them and be prepared for an interesting occurrence when they return (it's a pretty good laugh). They'll bring back the eyestalk and the Bronze Pantalettes used to construct the Big Metal Unit in Amkethran, and it will only cost you 100 gold pieces.

4 - Iycanth the Mad

Here you'll run into Iycanth the Mad, one of Balthazar's wizards who just so happens to own a Scroll of Reversal that you'll need to free Fll'Yissetat the dragon from her geas. Of course, he won't just hand it over. You can either kill him for it (not recommended) or retrieve a Gauth eyestalk for him. To get the eyestalk, you can either send the adventurers at area #3 (recommended) or retrieve it yourself. Once you have the eyestalk, jump in the water-filled tunnel here to reach the laboratory at area #5.

5 - Laboratory

Once you have the Gauth eyestalk, you'll have to hand it over to Iycanth here in his laboratory. Once you do, he will gladly give you the Scroll of Reversal used to free Fll'Yissetat from her geas. Before leaving, be sure to grab the Juggernaut Golem Page on the table, as it is used to upgrade your Golem Manual back at the Abyssal Fortress.