Two-Storied Tower (Village of Hommlet #31)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Two-Storied Tower
Two-Storied Tower
For the players: This structure is some 55 feet tall, a smaller tower rising inside the greater at about 35 feet above the ground. Its entrance is accessible only by going up a curving flight of stone stairs which terminate in a landing about 10 feet above the ground. The outer door of the tower lowers to form a bridge to the stone landing. There are numbers of arrow slits around the tower, and it has a splay around the base to about 6 feet in height. The lower and upper battlements are machicolated, the merlons being pierced for archery as well. Two men-at-arms watch from its roof.

For the DM: Inside dwell Rufus the Fighter and Burne the magic-user. Both came to Hommlet some three years ago, and had considerable success in adventuring. They defeated a large bandit force which had plagued Verbobonc, and it is rumored that they gained considerable treasure in killing a green dragon which preyed in the Kron Hills to the west.

These two are friends of all the important folk in the village. It is well known that they are tough and very cautious, but willing to give some aid to adventurers for a price.

All sorts of standard equipment is stored in the keep, and both Burne and Rufus have odd potions and scrolls as well.

Burne, 'His Most Worshipful Mage of Hommlet': The magic-user is Lawful Good, clever, but a trifle on the greedy side. All services he renders will be paid for handsomely. He is a follower of St. Cuthbert, and very conscious of his duty to protect the village and to watch for evil. His adventuring (if any) will be calculated to accomplish those ends and gain him a third of the treasure found as well. He is not likely to risk his life or be duped. Burne is on the young side for a magic-user, average in appearance and dress, and will often frequent the Inn of the Welcome Wench.

Rufus: The fighter is also Lawful Good. When he reaches 8th level, he is to return to Verbobonc for special service on the Viscount's behalf. He will not risk his life nor become involved in foolish adventures. If he renders service to a party, he requires not less than 20% of the total treasure gained. Rufus leads a squad of men-at-arms, and has been appointed as the overall commander of the village troops as well.

Burne: AC 8 (ring of protection +2); Level 8
Magic-User; hp 30; #AT 1; D 3-6 (dagger +1) or by spell; XP 2025;
carries chime of opening (51 charges), wand of magic missiles (49 charges).
S 15 I 17 W 11 D 10 Co 15 Ch 12

First level: burning hands, detect magic, feather fall, jump (comprehend languages, light, read magic)
Second level: levitate, mirror image, scare (darkness 15' radius, detect invisibility, strength)
Third level: dispel magic, fireball, tongues (gust of wind, infravision)
Fourth level: fumble, wall of fire (dimension door, plant growth)

Spells normally carried are given first; other spells in Burne's spellbook are given in parentheses.

Rufus: AC 2 (chain +1, shield +1); Level 6
Fighter; hp 32; #AT 1; D 3-10 (battle axe +1); XP 692;
carries dust of disappearance (12 doses), carnelian scarab of proof against poison +2 (identical to the periapt in effect)
S 15 I 10 W 10 D 12 Co 12 Ch 14

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