Secret Room (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #208)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the DM: Two werewolves lair here. They serve the Fire Temple, bringing loot and victims to Alrrem. The crystal sheet of area 207 is also visible here if a covering of gray cloth is pulled aside. It is a lens of transformation, actually placed here for evil purposes by luz.

Upon hearing noise in the adjoining room, the werewolves stand before the lens, being seen by those on the other side as angelic figures. They see through the crystal normally. If the party balks at disarming themselves, the creatures step away from the device and wait to surprise anyone entering their secret door, just in case. If the party cooperates, the monsters rush through to room 207, gather up the items left, and quickly take them to their lair. Then (and only then) do they return to room 207, in person, to deal with the (hopefully) defenseless party. Those who surrender are taken to area 206 (and then to 205). Corpses are devoured by the werewolves.

The lens cannot be removed from the wall by mundane means. If a wish is used, it is either be loosened (25% chance) or shatters (75%); if the latter result occurs, luz immediately knows what happened and who did it!

Werewolves (2): AC 5, MV 15", HD 4 + 3,
hp 33, 28, #AT 1, D 2-8, SA if waiting in area 208, surprise on 1-3,
SD hit only by silver or magic weapons; XP 370, 345

For the players: This bare-walled 20 ' square room is permeated by a feral odor. A pair of nestlike heaps of cloth and pillow lie by the east wall; bones and litter cover the floor. A large cupboard stands against the north wall. A pair of rust-red cloaks hang on pegs by the secret door, the only apparent entrance. A few pieces of dirty pewterware are on the cupboard shelves, along with two bottles of wine and a bunch of cooking herbs in a glass bottle. You notice a jumble of weapons and other items in the northwest corner.

For the DM: The dirty pewterware is actually silver, 15 items worth 10-60 gp each. The bottled herbs are 18 sprigs of wolfsbane. The cupboard cabinet holds a dagger +1, a short sword + 1/ + 3 vs. lycanthropes and shapechangers, and five silver daggers, under which is a scroll of protection from lycanthropes (all) flat and upside-down, as if shelf-paper. Under a loose floor stone, found only after a careful search, is a hole containing 1, 629 sp. The pile in the corner contains various odds and ends of adventuring gear (but no food or water), plus the following:

For the players:
22 arrows, normal
19 arrows, silver-tipped
1 bow, long
2 bows, short
4 crossbows, light
4 crossbow bolt cases (empty)
82 crossbow bolts
5 daggers
1 flail
1 hammer
1 holy symbol, normal
3 holy symbols, silvered
1 mace
2 mirrors, silvered
1 morning star
3 quivers (empty)
3 spears
1 sword, long
2 swords, short

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