Room With Trapezoidal Annex (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #130)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the DM: Seven zero-level guards are barracked in the 20' square area, ready to fight whenever necessary. These men-at-arms are the core of the new company of Elemental Earth Reavers. Each carries a javelin, to be hurled before closing for melee. They, along with their fellows in area 129, always do their best to protect area 133 -- but if it becomes obvious that they are losing a fight, they might flee (25% chance, check each round).

Four fighters are quartered in the trapezoidal area; they are the leaders of the company. Each is clad in bronzed plate mail and carries the brown shield with black triangular boss. They take orders from the cleric in area 137.

Each fighter carries two javelins for use before melee, and their leader (Level 4) carries a javelin of lightning for use in an emergency. (The ogres, for example, know of this and obey accordingly. ) Each has average Strength except for the L3 leader, who has a 17 ( + 1 to hit/ + 1 damage).

Guards (7): AC 4, MV 9", Level 0, hp 7, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3;
#AT 1, D 1-8 (longsword), SA 1 javelin each (D 1-6, ranges 2"/4"/6");
XP 21, 19 (x2), 18 (x3), 17

Fighters (4): AC 2, MV 6", Levels 4, 3, 2, 2,
hp 30, 19, 13, 12, #AT 1, D 1-8 (longsword),
SA 2 javelins each (D 1-6, ranges 2 "/4 "/6 "),
L4 Fighter has javelin of lightning + 2
(ranges 3"/6"/9", D 1-6 +20 electricity in 5'x 30' bolt);
L3 Fighter gains + 1 "to hit" and damage;
XP 205, 107, 54, 52

For the players: The former purpose of this room cannot be ascertained, but the four bunks in the south end obviously show that it now houses troops of some sort. Pegs on the wall are many, and one holds a brown cape. A bench is near the door to the west. Two torches give light to the area.

A trapezoidal area through the archway to the north contains four narrow cots, four small wooden chests, and a small wall fountain which dribbles smelly water into its basin. A long table with two benches and a chair at head and foot complete the furnishings. Light comes from a lantern, held aloft above the table by a thin chain; two unlit torches are mounted on the walls. An open cupboard by the table holds various dishes and four jugs.

For the DM: Each guard has 2-8 cp, 2-8 sp, and 2-8 ep. Each fighter wears a bronze ring with a triangular setting of jet (worth 50 gp). These rings are passes to any area of this dungeon level not commanded by a cleric (though undead tend to ignore such niceties... ). Each fighter carries various coins (ep, gp, and pp), the number of each determined by rolling 2d6 per level of experience (the L4 leader thus carrying 8-48 of each coin type).

The water in the fountain is smelly but drinkable. The jugs in the cupboard hold water, wine, beer, and fuel oil (three pints worth 1 gp each), respectively. Each chest contains nondescript items of clothing and one leather ceremonial harness with a large, bronze-hilted dagger (worth 15 gp with the harness). One chest also contains a scrap of parchment, inscribed with a message, in Common: "Remember to check AUGURY CHAMBER to see if Belstro was lying!"

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