Pleasure Chamber (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #349)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the players: This spacious chamber is filled with opulent furnishings: carpets of rich golden hue, nine plush purple chairs, five green velvet divans, ten cushions of gray watered silk, eight satin ones of deep orange, and six ottomans of shining black leather. Wall murals and tapestries show scenes of debauchery amidst a forest of fungi upon beds of mold and like places. A throne-like golden seat stands in the room's center. One tapestry shows the round-bodied, elephant-legged, fungi-headed bulbous thing seated on the throne chair, amidst a revelry of fungoid forms.

For the DM: All of the furnishings in this death trap are creatures. The carpet is yellow mold; the chairs, violet fungi; the couches, green slime; the ottomans, black puddings; ten pillows are gray oozes, and eight are ochre jellies. Walking on the carpet automatically causes the mold to send forth its poisonous spore clouds, and the touch of warmblooded flesh causes any piece of furniture to change to its true form. Zuggtmoy can, of course, relax here and enjoy herself. The throne weighs 400 pounds and is worth 50,000 gp intact. It is so wide, however, that it will not fit into a portable hole or bag of holding. If smashed, the bullion value is only 3,800 gp.

Yellow Molds (15 patches, each 10' square); AC 9,
hp 5 (per patch) MV 0, #AT I, D 1-8, SA cloud 10' cube
(inflicts damage and requires saving throw vs. poison or die),
SD affected only by fire (destroys) and light (causes dormancy
for 2-12 turns); XP 100 each (x15)

Violet Fungi (9 chairs): AC 7, MV 1", HD 3, hp 24 each,
#AT 4, D rot (save vs. poison or die); XP 199 each (x9)

Green Slimes (5 couches): AC 9, MV 0, HD 2, hp 16 each,
#AT 1 (if touched), D turn to slime in 1-4 rounds,
SA eats wood slowly, metal quickly (plate armor in
3 rounds), SD affected only by cold, fire, or cure
disease; XP 642 each (x5)

Gray Oozes (10 pillows): AC 8, MV 1", HD 3 + 3, hp 10 each,
#AT 1, D 2-16, SA corrodes metal as pudding, SD immune to heat,
cold, most 1st Ivl. spells (affected only by blows and lightning),
Psi Nil; XP 250 each (x10)

Ochre Jellies (8 pillows): AC 8, MV 3 ", HD 6, hp 15 each,
#AT 1, D 3-12, SA flow through small spaces, dissolve flesh,
SD lightning divides in half; XP 240 each (x8)

Black Puddings (6 ottomans): AC 6, MV 6", HD 10, hp 25 each,
#AT 1, D 3-24, SA dissolves wood (1 round), metal (chain
in 1 round, plate in 2 rounds, + 1 round per magical "plus"),
SD blows or lightning divides in half, immune to cold (damaged
only by fire and some spells); XP 1700 each (x6)

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