Inky Chamber (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #334)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the players: This bare hexagonal room is dusty, cobwebbed, and forgotten. Near the door is a rag-clad skeleton -- probably some cleric who met his end herein, from unknown causes. The remains obviously harbor no treasure. A vague feeling of unease creeps over all who gaze into this place of darkness overlong. The place is empty.

For the DM: If magic is detected for, a strong pulse comes from the northwest; if evil is sought, the whole room is found to give off a dim radiation of malign power. If the place is investigated, continue:

For the players: A black iron coffin stands by the northwest wall; its iron lid, in which a silver cross has been inlaid, lies beside it. Atop the lid is a forgotten scroll case.

For the DM: An invisible sarcophagus is on the stand. Dispel magic, detect invisibility, dispel illusion, or dust of appearance reveals the following:

For the players: The sarcophagus has no top. You see a vampire corpse, clad in black and appearing hale-- except for the stake through its heart.

For the DM: This is an illusion. A gem of seeing, true seeing, or similar effect reveals the true occupant; see below for details. Similar magic also reveals that the silver cross in the coffin lid is a magical broadsword (Fragarach).

The scroll tube contains two scraps of parchment. One is a scroll of two magicuser spells (both strength); the other is a message: "Let the Good ones use their newfound strength to seal in the horror of darkness to prove their faithfulness to right and justice. We who wrote this lacked the power to do so. " Of course, it is a ghastly jape at the forces of Good. If the coffin's occupant is viewed truly, use the following description.

For the players: Your powerful magic reveals a figure completely different from the vampire form. You see a handsome mail-clad human man with golden hair. He is clad in a white surcoat, quartered by the arms of Furyondy and Veluna and the antlers of the Knights of the Hart, in red. He wears a gold belt at his waist, with a dagger. About his neck is a gold chain with an emblem of a crown and crescent moon; on his left hand is a gold ring with a similar device. His shield rests under his feet.

For the DM: The coffin's occupant is Prince Thrommel, Grand Marshall of Furyondy, Provost of Veluna, a Paladin Lord. He lies in stasis, a powerful illusion causing him to appear as a vampire. His gold belt is worth 500 gp; the dagger thereon is a dagger + 2/ + 3 vs. large opponents. His neckchain with amulet is worth 2,000 gp, the matching ring worth 250 gp.

If taken from the chamber, Thrommel awakens, but is groggy for 1-4 turns, uncertain about his identity and past. He regains all his faculties thereafter, becoming cautious, circumspect, and taciturn. If the broadsword Fragarach is in sight, he simply speaks--and it comes to his hand. If it was left behind, he is not aware of its location, but asks if he was wearing one when found, or whether one was nearby. In any event, he asks to be accompanied to the surface; once there, he asks for a horse, claiming urgent business elsewhere. If any one character is exceptionally good to him, he gives that person his medallion, as a gift. Anyone more than normally polite and helpful to him receives his ring. Thrommel then rides off.

All of Thrommel's rescuers are later sought out by a strong party of humans and elves (including clerics, magic-users, fighters, and men-at-arms) some 5-8 week later. These persons ask the characters to accompany them to Mitrik, chief city of Veluna, where Thrommel is pledging himself to her Noble Ladyship Jolene of Veluna. At this ceremony, each character is knighted (if a fighter) or made an elder of the land (for all other classes). Each is entitled to wear the silver star badge of Veluna and the gold crown badge of Furyondy. In addition, each receives a potion of extra-healing, a ring of protection + 1, and 2,000 pp. The most helpful character (given Thrommel's medallion) is also granted one of the following, as applicable to the class: a book of 12 first level Magic-User spells, a necklace of prayer beads, a shield + 1, or a bag of holding (500 pound capacity). The second most helpful rescuer (holder of the ring) receives a warhorse appropriate to the class. If any character recovered the broadsword Fragarach and was gladly willing to allow or help Thrommel to regain it, that person receives the broadsword Scather from Prince Thrommel. All rescuers are also honored by those who rule Furyondy and Veluna.

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