Opulent Bedchamber (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #326)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

A groaning spirit, the banshee of the dead elf stretched out on the floor of the room, haunts this place. She lurks behind a folding screen. When intruders enter the room, she comes out (and each person seeing her must make a saving throw vs. spells or flee), wails (and each victim within 30 feet must make a saving throw vs. spells or die and then attacks anyone as yet unharmed. The banshee hates all who now live, and fights fiercely until near extinction, when she finally tries to escape. If escape is impossible, she offers a bribe for her survival; she knows where, as a living being, she hid an elven longbow + 1, cloak of elvenkind, and elfin chain mail suitable for any elfin female or other character of similar size (gp value 500, XP value 100). Note that these items, hidden somewhere near her chamber, will remain hidden for many years if she does not reveal them.

Groaning Spirit: AC 0; MV 15"; HD 7; hp 39;
#AT 1; D 1-8; SA deadly wail (30'range); fear on sight;
SD hit only by + 1 or better weapon;
immune to charm, sleep, hold, cold, and electricity;
XP 2840

For the players: This place is covered with thick carpets, with many cushions spread about. Upon it lies the mummified body of an elf, face down just beyond the entryway with the hilt of a dagger protruding from its back. Its remains are clad in rotting splendor; the garments are of silk and brocade, and jewels gleam from earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and two rings. The skeletal right hand clutches a carved stone of some sort.

Near the body is a large curio cabinet, its door slightly ajar. The cabinet contains mummified portions of humans, demi-humans, and humanoids, as well as small intricately carved statuettes and blocks of ivory, soapstone, and so forth -- each depicting something obscene.

The dark room has many unused candelabra and wall sconces. Its plastered walls are painted with scenes of decadence, and the tapestries hanging here and there show similar scenes of depravity. A huge bed stands against the north wall, with a stand of carved wood to each side. A long, low table is flanked by couches; nearby is another such table with three plush chairs. In the southwest corner a folding screen of uskwood separates a wardrobe, dressing table, and pillowed stool from the rest of the place.

For the DM: Each of the skeleton's four pieces of jewelry (counting the pair of earrings as a single piece) is worth a base value of 2, 000-8, 000 gp. When checking each piece for detail and workmanship, apply a -1 bonus to the roll on 1d10) for the first piece (only). In the skeletal hand is a periapt of proof against poison, + 3. Under the remains is a small pouch which holds a scroll of six magic-user spells (gust of wind, tongues, polymorph self, remove curse, airy water, and limited wish). The cabinet contains 13 carvings base value 100-1000 gp each). Two tapestries are valuable, worth 1, 100 gp and 850 gp respectively, despite their small size.

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