Cells (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #150)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the players: This seems to be a line of gaol cells. Each door has a small barred window, and a large lock and bar as well.

For the DM: Use the following general description for each cell, adding prisoner notes (below). Note that the doors on the east walls of cells a, b, and c cannot be seen or opened from inside a cell. Careful inspection reveals a tiny opening in each, and probing gives a metallic sound.

For the players: The cell is 10' square, with closely set stone blocks in wall and floor; the ceiling is actually hewn from living rock. Straw litters the floor, and chains hang from the far wall. A small drain is in the center of the floor.

For the DM: When a door is opened, the inside is found to be covered with a sheet of rusty iron. No cell contains any treasure.

Eastern Rooms: The doors of cells a, b, and c are neither locked nor barred, but as long as they remain shut, their "ragged human" occupants (three zombies in each) stay huddled in their straw, appearing as captives and (of course) not speaking. All three zombies of a cell attack if their door is opened.

Zombies (9, 3 per cell): AC 8, MV 6 ", HD 2, hp 10 each,
#AT 1, D 1-8, SD 1/2 damage from stabbing weapons;
automatically lose initiative; XP 40 each

Western Rooms: The doors to cells d, e, and f are locked and barred. Cells d and f are empty. Cell e contains one gnome, bound and gagged and chained to the far wall. The turnkey (see area 152) is not positive that this character isn't able to use some form of magic, and so keeps him gagged except during feeding times (once per day).

The gnome's name is Wonnilon. He came to this place to get treasure, of course, since he was flat broke. He is Neutral, and claims to be a fighter (but is also a thief). If freed, equipped, and well treated, he considers staying with the party, as the characters seem powerful (they have, after all, penetrated this far) and therefore promise plenty in the way of treasure. If not given a fair share of the proceeds, Wonillon steals to make up the difference. If badly treated, he waits his chance for a good opportunity, steals as much treasure and magic as possible, and sneaks away to leave the Nulb area entirely.

Wonillon, Level 4/4 Fighter/Thief, hp 23
S 17 I 12 W 9 D 17 Co 16 Ch 10 AC 7 (no armor),
#AT 1, D 0 (no weapons), SA by professions, SD by race; XP 363

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