Audience Chamber (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #206)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Fire Amulet
Fire Amulet
For the DM: A human commander (L5 fighter) and two bugbear guards are on guard here. Each bugbear carries a large spear to hurl before closing to melee; each wears a short cape of red cloth, and carries 3-24 gp.

The fighter commands the few forces at the beck and call of the Fire Temple -- the troll (area 203), various bugbears, werewolves (area 208 et al. ), and ogres. He commands their respect through his own ability, that of the clerics, and his robe of entanglement, which is coiled and kept at his belt. When fighting, he uses it in his left hand, and a sword + 1 flametongue (NSA) in his right. He wears banded armor + 1 but prefers not to use a shield. On his gold chain is an eight-pointed fire amulet with a large inset garnet (jewelry value 750 gp). He carries a purse containing 6 ep, 20 gp, and 6 pp. In the pockets of his dark red cloak are 8 banded agates, 5 tiger eyes, and 6 pieces of good turquoise (each gem worth 10 gp).

Bugbears (2): AC 5, MV 9", HD 3 +1, hp 19, 15,
#AT 1, D 2-8 (bastard sword), SA 1 spear each (D 1-6, ranges l"/2"/3");
XP 211, 195

Human leader: AC 0, MV 12", Level 5 Fighter (swashbuckler), hp 49,
#AT 1, D 2-9 (sword +1 flametongue); Dexterity 17 (-3 AC bonus included),
SA rope of entanglement; XP 490

For the players: This lavishly furnished 30' square chamber is dimly lit by torches in sconces on the east and west walls. The many cressets and candelabras are unlit. Colors here are hot, bright ones -- reds, oranges, and yellows. The tapestries on the walls depict scenes of the triumph of the Elemental Evil of Fire. Cushions, low tables, and stools are all about, but only one chair is here -- a huge wooden seat, laquered red and gilt. A gold skull appears on the arm rests and above the back.

For the DM: The arched entry to the northwest passage is covered by hangings and a folding screen.

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