Study (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #403)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the DM: This quiet room is the abode of Barkinar and Deggum, the commanders of the Temple Troops and Guards (respectively). They are usually elsewhere except at night.

Two normal beds stand along the north and south walls, nestled tightly into the western corners. Beside each is a wardrobe and a small table, the latter bearing a crystal ewer and cup (each set worth 250 gp).

The east wall of the room is dominated by a great brick fireplace with marble mantle, upon which are various knicknacks collected by the two clerics -- shrunken human heads, religious paraphernalia, carved figurines, and other interesting items, with a total value of 3,500 gp (averaging 350 gp per item).

Decorative tapestries flank the fireplace on the east wall. The southern conceals an open doorway leading to a neat closet, in which the clothing of the two clerics is kept hanging to either side. A full-length mirror is mounted on the east closet wall. Four pieces of gold jewelry (each worth 1,000 gp) lie on a small shelf attached to the mirror's left edge. Another identical but empty shelf is at the right edge; if twisted clockwise, it opens the secret door entrance to a corridor to the mages' room.

Barkinar worked his way up through the ranks over the last six years. He came to the Temple ruins to scavenge treasure, and stayed to serve and earn even greater wealth. Once a lowly cleric of the Earth Temple, he became its leader through a series of treacherous and bloody maneuvers. Knowing talent when he saw it, Supreme Commander Hedrack brought the mature and experienced Barkinar to the lower levels of the dungeons. Barkinar expects, but does not covet, Hedrack's exalted position. He bides his time, working earnestly for the good of Zuggtmoy and the Temple in any way demanded. He is patient, cruel, scheming, and utterly evil -- a perfect officer for this milieu.

Deggum is a half-elf, a renegade and runaway from his people in Welkwood. Drawn by rumors of the resurrection of evil might, and by the promises of Lareth (from the Hommlet moathouse ruin) and others like him, Deggum has found success and a fast rise in power through his Temple position. He is personally tutored by Hedrack and Senshock both, and is seen as a great future leader. He carries his spellbook in a pack at all times, and studies his craft in his spare moments. The book contains most of the same first and second level spells as those of his tutur, Senshock.

Each cleric carries a black scarab inscribed with the letters TZGY, which is used to control the curtain behind the main altar. Barkinar owns potions of extra healing and speed, and Deggum owns potions of healing and growth. They will use them as needed to combat invaders.

Barkinar: AC -1 (plate + 1, shield +2), MV 12",
Level 7 Cleric, hp 60, #AT 1, D by weapon (staff of striking)
or spell, SA wears boots of levitation, SD spells; XP 1680
S 11 I 16 W 17 D 10 Co 16 Ch 8

Spells memorized:

First level: command, cure light wounds (x2), remove fear, sanctuary
Second level: hold person (x2), resist fire, silence 15' radius, slow poison
Third level: dispel magic, prayer, bestow curse
Fourth level: cure serious wounds

Deggum: AC 2 (chain & shield), MV 12",
Level 5/4 Cleric/Magic-User, hp 21, #AT 1, D by weapon
or spell, SA spells, SD ring of fire resistance; XP 1118
S 12 I 15 W 18 D 7 Co 10 Ch 11

Cleric spells memorized:

First level: bless, cure light wounds, detect magic, sanctuary (x2)
Second level: augury, chant, hold person, poison, spiritual hammer
Third level: continual darkness, animate dead

Magic-user spells memorized:

First level: magic missile (x3)
Second level: invisibility (x2)

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