Earth-Floored Area (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #312)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the players: The whole floor of this chamber is covered with a noisome earth, soil that contains much manure and other rotting things. From this sickening humus spring numerous thin-stalked fungi growths, thicker ones bearing strange caps, spongy-looking growths, and various shelf-fungi and tumerous spherical blobs growing from niches and shelves placed along the walls. These latter growths, as well as a few of those growing from the floor, give off a ghostly phosphorescent illumination.

As you set foot in the place, you hear a female voice call out a warning to "stand still! Some of the fungi are dangerous. I know the path, and will come to guide you". You see a comely head moving this way and that through the huge fungi, evidently following a winding course through the growths.

For the DM: The lamia in this area tends the "garden, " awaiting Zuggtmoy's return. While at a distance, she first casts a charm person spell at the most powerful-looking character. Before checking its success, she then uses suggestion on another character, saying that some fungi cause insanity, and he or she must aid in restraining any character who insanely attacks others. The lamia then advances under the illusion of being an armor-clad female fighter, while asking the (hopefully) charmed victim to turn and check the other characters for insanity.

The monster then attacks with her shortsword +1 (gaining a +1 strength bonus to damage) and wisdom-draining touch, engaging two different opponents if at all possible. She does not attack the victims of her charm and suggestion spells if they seem to have succumbed to the enchantments. She concentrates the touch attacks on one opponent, if possible, and continually urges the victim to turn and aid her in attacking the others "who are obviously insane, from the fungi". If the victim's Wisdom reaches 2, he or she will comply. If damaged significantly, the lamia flees into the maze of fungi, casts a mirror images spell (producing three images), and immediately returns to the fray.

Lamia: AC 3, MV 24", HD 9, hp 48, #AT 2,
D 3-8 (weapon)/0 + wisdom drain
(touch), SA spells, XP 2276

The monster wears a gold necklace (worth 1, 000 gp) set with five star rubies (each worth 1, 000 gp). Extremely careful or magical examination also reveals a pair of bracers of defense AC 6 hidden on her longhaired legs.

The door at the southwest corner leads to stairs up, which end at area 222a (Dungeon Level Two).

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