Church of St. Cuthbert (Village of Hommlet #20)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the DM: This newly built edifice was raised by the viscount, in honor of the aid rendered to him by the Archcleric of Veluna during the war against the Temple of Elemental Evil. A somewhat distant cleric and his assistant officiate during services and otherwise serve their flock. Other than at services, anyone coming to the church must deal with the lesser cleric, the priest Calmert. Holy water can only be obtained here or from the trader.

The honest Calmert is known for his zeal in obtaining contributions. He is anxious to give a sum to the builders of the fortress under construction. Though it should seem otherwise, most of the miscellaneous money he collects 'for the church' will go towards building the castle!

The Canon Terjon (who owns rings of invisibility and mammal control) recently became the chief cleric of the church, taking over from the Canoness Y'dey, who left unexpectedly and has not returned. The villagers say that Terjon is not particularly friendly and his stern demeanor is a cause of some speculation.

Calmer: AC 2 (plate & shield); Level 3
Cleric; hp 14; #AT 1; D 3-8 (mace +1);
XP 215
S 8 I 10 W 16 D 15 Co 9 Ch 11

Spells usually carried:
First level: bless, command, detect evil, detect magic
Second level: chant, know alignment, silence 15' radius

Terjon: AC 4; Level 6 Cleric; hp 41; #AT 1;
D3-8 (mace +1); XP 796
S 11 I 10 W 16 D 12 Co 16 Ch 8

Spells usually carried:
First level: bless, command, cure light wounds, detect magic, sanctuary
Second level: hold person (x2), know alignment, silence 15' radius, slow poison
Third level: cure disease, dispel magic

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