Secured Room (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #114)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Secured Room
Secured Room
For the players: The closures of this portal indicate that it is used with relative frequency. A door lock and padlock are present, the latter securing a chain. Unless the locks can be picked, only force can remove the obstacle.

For the DM: The door breaks only after 50 points of damage are applied. Attackers may make two hits per round; consider the door as Large size. The noise of such an attack draws all the occupants from area 115 in the next round.

This dark, filthy chamber is the prison in which captives are held, for eventual sacrifice at the Earth Temple or for feasting of ghouls and ghasts. Eleven human prisoners are currently here; all are naked, and the males are chained to the wall. All are from the Nulb area.

The two females are the wife and servant of a merchant. The males are as follows:

2 merchants (XP 13 each)
3 servants (XP 12 each)
1 river sailor (Level 0, hp 6, XP 16)
4 men-at-arms (Level 0, hp 4 each, XP 14 each)

The prisoners have nothing of value, and know nothing of the Temple. They tell of being captured by raiding ghouls, except for the sailor, who was brought here by Dick Rentsch and his men as punishment for making a pass at Dala. The merchants, wife, and servants can offer no ransom, and if freed ask only to be shown how to get out and away, quickly. The sailor and men-atarms will most certainly serve with loyalty, if supplied with clothing, armor and arms. If treated fairly and paid normally, they remain 100% loyal while in the employ of their liberators.

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