Private Room (Dungeons of Elemental Evil #417)
Note: This information was taken from TSR's original AD&D adventure, the Temple of Elemental Evil.

For the DM: Here dwells Supreme Commander Hedrack, High Priest and Most Honorable Emissary of luz Himself. Though he is often elsewhere, his two comely female servants remain in this room at all times.

Though only 20 by 30 feet in size, Hedrack's abode is impressive. The floor is covered by thick rugs, one atop the other. The walls are covered by tapestries of ornate geometric designs, involving circles, squares, triangles, and the eight-pointed fire symbol.

Two engraved brass braziers shed light and heat from the western corners of the room, and a large fireplace in the east wall adds its radiance. By the latter are brass andirons and matching fireplace tools. Atop a marble mantelpiece are several knicknacks, and hanging on the wall above them is an excellent painting. The latter depicts the united forces of the Greater Temple in full battle garb standing before the great altar, with their human leaders before them (Hedrack clearly visible in the center position).

Along the north wall are two bookshelves, one including a desk in its lower portion. A plush chair before the desk is flanked by a small wooden table. The shelves are filled with books of all sizes and colors, most bound in leather. A wooden bed, with carved gargoyle heads on all four posts and piled with silvery furs, stands by the center of the west wall. Upon another small table by the head of the bed are a metal pitcher and a large basin. To the left of the entrance stands a wardrobe, and an ornate unholy symbol hangs on the wall between it and the door.

The furniture comprises a matched set of prime sablewood, all decorated by fine marquetry and worth at least 700-1400 gp apiece. (All can be easily disassembled for removal.) The braziers are worth 300 gp each. The set of brass andirons and fireplace tools is worth 750 gp. Each of the ten rugs is worth 600-1000 gp and weighs 30-33 pounds. Each of the 8 tapestries weighs half that, but is worth 400-1400 gp.

Central on the mantel is a four-inch tall ebony carving of a grinning horned skull. This item is magical; if touched, luz immediately sees this room and its current occupants, wherever he may be. He might (25% chance) decide to come to investigate the disturbance, or will probably do so (75% chance) if his name is uttered while the figurine is touched. If possible, Hedrack will use this item to summon luz if cornered here in his lair.

Other items on the mantel include two ceramic plates, hand-painted but poorly done (by Hedrack, and worthless), a twoinch tall miniature dragon made of deep red crystal (actually of carved ruby, worth 7,500 gp), four dinner knives with scrimshaw handles carved with scenes of sea monsters attacking vessels (each knife worth 100 gp), a lavender and green elipsoid stone (identical to an ioun stone but nonmagical, worth 500 gp), and a small chunk of lava in which are embedded several tiny gemstones (5 very rare volcanic tourmalines, the whole worth 5,000 gp). The painting is worth 250 gp.

The desk is closed and locked, but the key lies nearby on a shelf, and is easily found by any search. Within the desk are various parchments and record-books, showing the numbers and types of creatures recruited by all the dungeon temples in the last year, troop pay records, disciplinary notes, and the like. In one small volume, details about humans and humanoids are sorted into four sections labeled A, E, F, W -- this being a record of sacrifices sent to the nodes. Among those prominently mentioned are Ashrem, Jaer, and Sargen (who now wander the Nodes). In a bottom drawer is a scroll of five spells, recently completed by Hedrack; on it are silence 15' radius, dispel magic, cure critical wounds, flame strike, and slay living. (Hedrack will recover and use this item against intruders if possible.)

The bookshelves are crammed with reference works on various subjects, with an emphasis on battle strategy and tactics, personal improvement, leadership, and management. Most appear little-used. Each of the 150 books is worth 1-10 gp. One work, entitled 'Laws of the Temple', is a hollowedout cache for 15 gems -- 3 amethysts, 6 citrines, 2 diamonds, 3 opals, and a huge black sapphire. (The total value is 22,300 gp, the last item being worth 7,500 gp and the others 500, 50, 5,000, and 1,000 gp respectively.) One tome is magical, a book of vile darkness that Hedrack plans to study within the next few months.

The four silvery furs on the bed are ermine, each worth 4,000 gp and weighing 10 pounds. The pitcher and basin are a platinum alloy, the set worth 500 gp. The unholy symbol on the wall is a spare, inset with several paste gems and worth only 50 gp.

In the wardrobe are five silk robes, one for each ceremony -- brown, black, gray, green, and red. Upon the breast of each is an embroidered symbol of the golden skull, with the horned skull symbol of luz on the back. Five matching pairs of slippers lie on the floor of the wardrobe. Also here is a suit of black leather armor and matching face mask, occasionally worn by Hedrack when he tours this and other dungeon levels incognito to gather information.

Hedrack's position herein as the Mouth of luz (among his other titles) commands the fear and respect of all the troops. A dark glance from him causes even the boldest giant to cringe, in deference to the dire powers at his command as much as his personal power. He dresses in bejeweled silks, and stalks about with an air of utter confidence.

Hedrack wears bracers of defense AC 4 during normal operations, but dons his shining black plate mail + 3 and shield +3 if trouble is expected (i.e. during alerts). He wears a ring of free action and carries a wand of fear at all times, and often brings his rod of smiting and hammer + 2 as well. A small magic cube and black scarab never leave their black velvet pouch at his belt; the latter controls the curtain behind the main altar (419 A), and the latter is a Daern's instant fortress, used on the infrequent occasions when invaders have posed severe threats. Hedrack's favorite tactic with this device is to block the exit with it, at any convenient place in corridors 401 or 418, though he will erect it in the Temple itself if necessary. He mans it with a dozen or more ogres, bugbears, and gargoyles if possible.

Hedrack also keeps several potions in his quarters, and selects a few for each jaunt. He commonly carries those of extra healing, flying, and polymorph, and also has potions of climbing, invisibility, and speed. Hedrack makes scrolls as well, and has recently completed one of five spells: silence 15' radius, dispel magic, cure critical wounds, flame strike, and slay living.

Commander Hedrack: AC -4, Cleric L9, hp 66, #AT 1,
D 5-8 (hammer +2) or by spell, AL CE, XP 4392
S 15 I 10 W 18 D 15 Co 12 Ch 16

Spells memorized:

First level: command (x3), cause light wounds, detect magic, protection from good
Second level: detect charm (x2), find traps, hold person (x2), silence 15' radius
Third level: animate dead, continual darkness, dispel magic, bestow curse
Fourth level: detect lie, poison, tongues
Fifth level: dispel good

Servants (2): AC 10, MV 15", Level 0, hp 6, 4, #AT 1 bite, D 1-2; XP 16, 14

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