Sul-Matuul, of Warriors
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1. The Warrior's Test requirements lay waiting in the dungeon of Kogoruhn, and to get there, go east from Urshilaku to the ruins named Valenvaryon, then southeast toward the Daedric Shrine Ebernanit. You can visit there if you like, or pass by, but Kogoruhn is south of there. It's labeled on your map so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

2. In the Dome of the Pollock's Eve at the surface level, you'll find the first and second tokens. You might want to take care of your new "friend" first however. The House Dagoth cup is lying on a table, and the Corprus Weepings are there in the room as well, under an urn at the back of the center support pillar. For the Shield, it's a bit more difficult, but the difficulty is partially yours to choose.

3. Travel through the Hall of Phisto and the Hall of Maki to the Nabith Waterway. In the Hall of Maki you can either pick the lock to Nabith or use magic, or take the key using force from Dagoth Ulen who is in the Vault of Aerode, which also opens the door to Nabith. Once in Nabith, head to Charma's Breath and then to Bleeding Heart.

4. There's some good loot in the different dungeon domes as well. When in Charma's Breath, if you choose to go left, you'll find some tough encounters, but you might consider this if you consider yourself up to the challenge. Left in Charma's Breath takes you to Dagoth Uthol, and if you kill him, you won't have to come back and do so in an end game quest. If you choose right in Charma's Breath, to Bleeding Heart, you'll find the third required token, the Shadow Shield on top of the Tomb of Dagoth Morin in the lava tunnels, along with nice gauntlets and another Dagoth nearby.

5. After acquiring the necessary tokens, head back to Sul-Matuul and you'll receive the second part of this test, the Wisdom's Test.