Missing Milo
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1. When you return and speak with the Spymaster, you'll find out (after your promotion) that he's being recalled to the Imperial City. Speak to him again about "promoted to Operative" for some helpful equipment. Remember Mehra Milo? After Caius urges you to begin finding the lost prophecies of the Nerevarine, that's who you'll want to speak to about them. If you remember, she's the one who instructed you on the Dissident Priests back in the day. Remember her code?

2. When you go back to the Hall of Wisdom in Vivec, you'll find her missing from the library. Search out her living quarters though, because you'll find an "Amaya" emergency code message, just for you. She's been imprisoned, and needs your help. Take the two Levitation potions on her dresser and follow the directions on the message.

3. You'll need 2 Divine Intervention scrolls (one for you and one for Milo) and will take them to the Ministry of Truth and speak with the guard Alvela Saram who will allow you to pass. If you're lacking the scrolls, you can get them in any Mages' Guild, but in Vivec, speak with Janand Maulinie in the Foreign Quarter. The Ministry of Truth is that floating thing in the air. Go to the highest spot you can underneath the floating structure, and donate a potion of rising force to the shrine there for a very nice levitation blessing. Fly up to the entrance, talk to Saram first, and use the key Saram gave you, and try not to harm anyone while within looking for Milo. You'll want to use stealth to avoid being caught by any guards, not violence… though I didn't notice any negative side effects if you let them attack you first.

4. Tip: speaking of Mages' Guilds, I recommend placing your Mark spell (buy a scroll or an enchanted ring or enchant one yourself for both Mark and Recall) right on a Mages' Guild teleporter or next to a teleporting person. It's quick access every time you finish a quest to the quest giver, and in general, around the world.

5. The tricky part is making it past all the guards without getting caught. Enter the upper door on the other end from Alvela Saram. There are less guards this way. Once inside, take the right path up to a locked door, keeping an eye out for guards. If you still have the stealth and security equipment Caius gave to you, you can use it here to help with the very easy locks in the building.

6. Milo is on the right-hand cell, but you'll find some Ordinators blocking your path. To bypass them, either fly over them with the still-present levitation blessing or use one of your potions. Float on over to Mehra Milo's cell door, where you'll have to unlock it. Most likely the Ordinators will be after you, but open it and enter for safety, then speak with Milo. Give here the Divine Intervention scroll, and her plan is to meet Blatta Hateria on the East Docks in Ebonheart.

7. Head on over to the East Docks at Ebonheart, and select the topic "go fishing". You're then whisked away to Holamayan monastery after choosing the topic "travel", where you'll be taken to the library to speak with Gilvas Barelo. This is just the person you want to talk with about the lost prophecies, since Mehra isn't around.

8. Once at the remote destination, speak with the person on the docks for directions up to the library and how to enter. Just follow the stone steps up and around until you reach the dead end, then wait until either 6pm or 6am for the door to open.