Dwemer Puzzle Box
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1. Descend down into the depths while not falling down the narrow path along the wall. Once you're down, take care of the few people angered by your presence.

2. This trip can be a long one or a short one. For experience, go into the small room at the end of the path down, and make your way through the corridors, visiting and dispatching the many aggressive people, while collecting the treasure. For the Dwemer Puzzle Box, you'll want to hang a u-turn at the bottom of the ramp in the first large room and find another narrow cavern path close by that leads up to the second level of the largish room that has the three doors. The ramp is a little inconspicuous to find since it looks like a normal rock formation. But yes, you're supposed to walk up it.

3. Once up on the level, go through the only door, defeat your only opponent (who can be a little tough for a level 1 or 2 character so be prepared), and grab the Dwemer Puzzle Box on the shelf to your left. It's small.

4. Report back to Hasphat at the Fighter's Guild when you feel like it for the next step in the quest.