Redoran Hortator
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1. Trial four of the prophecy is all about tying each of the Great Houses up with a common theme… namely, you as Hortator. It doesn't matter the order, but I'll go through what it takes to become House Redoran's Hort first.

2. If you've already joined one of the Great Houses, it should be easier to complete their Hortator quest, or at least cost you less money. If you've already joined Redoran, this quest will be a piece of cake until the fight (someone very tough on slider difficulty 100 if you choose to melee him), and if you're of another or no House faction yet, then it will just be one short step longer.

3. Your job is to convince the six councilors to each name you their Hortator. First speak with Athyn Sarethi on the left side on the top level of the main open area in the big mushroom in Ald'ruhn. Before being your sponser in House Redoran, he'll first want you to rescue his son from another councilor, Bolvyn Venim.

4. Head on over to Venim Manor on the right upper level of the main room in the mushroom, go inside and take the first door to your right. Along the right wall in an alcover, a door is behind the hanging tapestry. Nearby on a bench there's a note and key to the door. Varvur is being held inside.

5. Talk to him and have him follow you out, but it'll be a bit tricky to escape. The easiest way is to run past all of the guards back to the exit into the main hall of the mushroom as quickly as possible, but if guards should happen to get in the way, you'll have to delay or kill them. It's not that long a route, so once you're safe, head back to Sarethi and speak to him.

6. When he names you Hortator of House Redoran, it will be extremely easy to get four other councilors to agree as well. Neminda in the main council hall where the three doors are can give you a copy of a book with all the councilors called "Red Book of 3E 426." The ones that will agree, you'll have to find, and they are Garisa Llethri, Miner Arobar, Brara Morvayn (located in the main council hall behind the three doors, head into the next room in the back and look for a door on the lower level), and Hlaren Ramorran. You'll find all of them in their respective manor quarters inside the mushroom.

7. After they agree, you'll have near unanimous consent for your Hortator status. There's just one minor obstacle to go - Bolvyn Venim. Venim is found in the manor on the far right inside the main mushroom hall in his quarters. Making sure you have everyone else's vote first, now speak with Venim. He'll challenge you to a duel in the Arena Pit over in the Arena District. You can take him on in one of two ways. If you have an average to above average marksman skill or access to offensive spells, you can pick him off from the top of the pit area, entering from the top level, or you can simply dive in and fight him honorably. Venim is a very capable fighter and has a full set of ebony armor, as well as a mighty weapon, so taking him on in melee can be dangerous. With potions, a good weapon, high level or multiple enchanted protections, however, he's certainly beatable. After you take him down, report back to Sarethi for your Ring of the Hortator.

8. He'll also give you a sealed package, that, when read, indicates you'll be desired for a meeting with Saryoni at High Fane in Vivec should you become Hortator of all three Great Houses as well as Nerevarine of all Ashlander tribes.