'Quick' Way to the End
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1. If you've already met with Vivec about defeating Dagoth Ur and received Wraithguard and training on its use, skip this part and move on to the next section, "Required Artifacts". Otherwise, read on.

2. You say you just want to reach the end of the game, with none of the Main Quest filler? Either you'll have to have a very powerful character built up, or use cheats. After that, you'll still need to tidy up a few end game pieces before going right to the ending, but you can catch up by continuing with the walkthrough section "Required Artifacts" after first completing this section. So you're in the right place.

3. First you'll need to kill Vivec in Vivec's Palace, located at the south tip of the Temple District there. To get in, you can either pick the trapped lock at level 100, or take the key from Archcanon Tholer Saryoni who's residing in the east building of High Fane, the building right on top of the Hall of Wisdom and just north of Vivec's Palace. To get in Saryoni's door, you'll need to pick the lock at level 45, and then either pickpocket Saryoni or kill him for the palace key. You can also enter Saryoni's quarters from below through the Hall of Wisdom, where the guards are less apt to see. If you happen to be in the Temple Cult and they do see you pick or open the lock, you're out until you can make amends with Saryoni. Either way, Vivec's Palace awaits.

4. "Lord Vivec" is very tough. He's actually the highest level creature in the game, at level 100. Expect to meet your match, unless you're very powerful or using the aforementioned cheats. I was able to defeat him (just to see if I could) at level 40 with a Daedric Katana on difficulty 100 without much trouble and missing a cuirass and greaves, so he's not impossible.

5. Once he's dead, take the Wraithguard gauntlet from him, which is labeled "unique Dwemer artifact". Also pick up the documents at the back of the palace on a pedestal labeled "Dagoth Ur's Plans" and "The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur," as you'll need them soon.

6. Now splash on over to Tel Fyr, to its dungeon level labeled the "Corprusarium". Tel Fyr is southwest of Sadrith Mora. Find Yagrum Bagarn there (the spider man) and he'll identify the gauntlet as Wraithguard, though will not enable it yet. To get him to help you use them effectively, you'll need to meet one of the following requirements: Reputation of 20 and get Bagarn's disposition to 90, or a Rep of 30 only, or have in your inventory both of the documents "Dagoth Ur's Plans" and "The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur." Fortunately, you have them.

7. After Bagarn agrees to help, you'll find he needs two more item to figure it out completely: Kagrenac's Planbook and Kagrenac's Journals. Both are on Red Mountain at the center of the island, inside of the Ghostfence.

8. The Planbook is in Kagrenac's Library in the ruins of Tureynulal (the northeast citadel on Red Mountain). The Journals are in his Study inside the ruins of Endusal (the southwest citadel on Red Mountain). Loot both the dungeons of these two items and return to Bagarn with them. He'll then enable the Wraithguard for you.

9. Before you use it, make sure to have over 225 hit points, as that's the maximum amount of damage Wraithguard will deal to you the first time you don the item. After you survive the first jolt, however, it won't act up from that point forward. In case you're interested, if you acquire the Wraithguard peacefully, it doesn't hurt you.

10. From this point, you'll want to continue from the next step of the walkthrough, "Required Artifacts." Stock up on supplies where you can, including exclusive restore health, magicka, fatigue and attribute potions. Above all, take a few moments and read the document in your inventory called "The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur." It thoroughly explains the steps now needed to complete the Main Quest.