Nibani Maesa and the Seven Trials
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1. After your encounter with Gilvas Barelo, you'll want to go back to the wise woman in Urshilaku, Nibani Maesa to see if she'll be your guide through the prophecies. She wants a day to think about things, so give her that time (there is a lot of stuff nearby to explore including the Daedric Shrine and Dwemer Ruins) and return. You can just exit and re-enter but where's the fun in that? As it so happens, she'll agree.

2. Your goal is to pass the Seven Trials of the Seven Visions. Speak to Sul-Matuul for your next test (you've already passed two… Corprus Disease and by being an Outlander). The third test consists of two parts. He'll first send you on the Warrior's Test to bring back three tokens.