Hassour Zainsubani
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1. The plot thickens when Caius sends you to speak with Hassour Zainsubani in Ald'ruhn. He's an Ashlander and it's their custom for a stranger to present a gift appropriate to the receiver as a token of friendship when meeting for the first time.

2. Talk to Zainsubani at the Ald Skar Inn to glean this info, then if you want, talk to Boderi Farano for something that Hassour might find agreeable.

3. Look in Zainsubani's room for the poetry books titled "Words of the Wind" and "The Five Far Stars". Give Hassour either of these and in return, he'll open up, giving you his notes about the cults to give to Cosades in Balmora.

4. For a diversion, talk to Hassour again about his son Hannat and try out the close-by quest. Report to Caius when you're ready for more orders.