Challenge of Erabenimsun
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1. This final (if you've been following the walkthrough) part of trial five of the Nerevarine prophecies deals with the war-loving Erabenimsun Ashlander Camp, which you can find by going to Sadrith Mora, and then water-walking or swimming due southwest until you reach the mainland, and then southwest again toward the camp, over a high hill. It should probably be marked on your map by now.

2. When you reach it, speak to the wise woman, Manirai. She'll tell you that the only hope of being named Nerevarine is to overthrow the sinister Ashkhan Ulath-Pal and his top brass, Ranabi, Ashu-Ahhe and Ahaz. It's that simple. Defeat them and you have a shot at being this tribe's Nerevarine. Well, not exactly that simple.

3. Ranabi and Ashu-Ahhe are in their separate yurts next to the Ashkhan's on the left. The harder of the two is Ashu-Ahhe. After you defeat them, take their magic items -- Sanit-Kil's Heart of Fire, Robe of Erur-Dan the Wise, the War Axe of Airan-Ammu -- and head on over to the Ashkhan's yurt where Ulath-Pal and Ahaz await. When you kill one, the rest will be aggressive as soon as you talk to them. After you get rid of the former Ashkhan and his sidekick, take their magic weapons (mentioned above) and head over to Han-Ammu's yurt, right next store.

4. He won't be convinced that he should be the new Ashkhan as he's lacking in confidence, so convince him by giving him the special magic items you picked up from the other three bodies. After that, he'll name you Nerevarine of the Erabenimsun tribe and give you a special something useful.

So that completes each of the four Ashlander quests, and therefore trial five of the Nerevarine prophecies, which should now be updated in your journal. It's time to unite the Great Houses.