Dagoth Ur
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1. If you're reading this expecting to breeze right to the ending, without doing any or many of the other parts of the main quest, prepare for disappointment. At the very least, you'll want to go back a few sections to "'Quick' Route to the End".

2. So it's down to the Nerevarine and Dagoth Ur. Or, you could be doing this the "Quick" way and have no idea who the Nerevarine is. Irregardless, there's not long to go before Morrowind is restored to tranquility, at least temporarily.

3. Ur's citadel is in the center of Red Mountain. Levitating right to its door is the easiest approach, as its built around a treacherous lava lake. Facing the door, to its left side is a pipe with a crank some feet away. Turn this pipe and quickly return to the now-open door. Enter.

4. Dagoth Gilvoth is in the Lower Facility. Kill him to get his ring, and then find the Facility Cavern. The inevitable Ur awaits alone.

5. Speak with Dagoth Ur about the typical haughty things you'd expect to find in a dialogue with a leader of evil, namely his plans and philosophy, and then take a moment to prepare for battle. Depending on your own power, this first incarnation of Ur can be easy or not so easy. Just in case, there's not much point now in hoarding all the potions, enchanted jewelry and scrolls you probably have saved, so summon up a Golden Saint or two and have at it.

6. He's not really dead yet. Only pretending. Pick up the excellent Heart Ring in the round door on the other side of the room, and make sure you've rested and are prepared for the final battle in Akulakhan's Chamber.

7. Upon entering, you're confronted with an invincible Dagoth Ur in front of you. Don't bother with him because it will be futile until you take care of other business. Make out for the large ledge that looks out on the center of the room where the titanic mech stands inanimate. Look down to see a walkway/bridge below you that leads to the concentric center of the room. The Heart of Lorkhan is at the walkway's end. If you can tolerate a jump from the high distance down to the walkway, and chances are you can, do so. Use a potion, ring or spell of slowfalling if you're concerned about the drop. Or simply levitate down.

8. Make sure you have Wraithguard equipped and strike the Heart of Lorkhan with Sunder once. Then equip Keening and strike the Heart until Dagoth Ur's life-line is severed.

9. Finally, the vulnerable Dagoth Ur should be next to you now. Use everything and anything you have to destroy him utterly. I found this battle to be more difficult than in the Facility Cavern above, and you don't really have time to prepare. This is not D&D and there is no Time Stop spell. Here's another possible solution:

Tip: Submitted by Enji
As soon as I destroyed the heart of the god in Dagoth Ur's cavern, I decided to flee using my amulet of levitate. So after having cast the spell, I ran directly toward the "void." As Dagoth tried to follow me, he fall in the lava pit and died there. [Ed: .. and I was still able to complete the game.]
10. After you make him disappear, quickly walk across the bridge back to solid ground or, if you can, levitate back up to the high ledge and watch as the goliath in the center of the room crumbles into the lava abyss.

11. Hobble back into the Facility Cavern, and then to the exit door. You'll be pleasantly surprised by Azura in the flesh. Congratulations, you've beaten the game!

12. After the complementary FMV and before you uninstall the game, consider:
a) going back to pay Vivec a visit to see what he has to say about your accomplishments.
b) settling down with a female Khajiit named Ahnassi. You'd have to win her love first though. She's in the tavern in Pelagiad.

Do you have any more ideas for extending the game after the completion of the main quest, even silly ones? Let us know and we'll add them here:

Ideas for extending the core game:

Submitted by: Demedrel
Kill Vivec for his soul
If you have a good soul gem (I used Azura's Star), after you defeat Dagoth Ur, Vivec makes a great soul to capture *if* you can cast a soultrap spell that he doesn't resist. After I trapped Vivec it could enchant with a charge of 1000 and under value it was listed as 5000000 gold (I kept it as an heirloom of my glorious family line =)

It took me quite a few tries to cast soultrap on Vivec, he is very resistant. I had mysticism skill 72 and a luck attribute of around 75. I determined that the gem would be best used with a cast when strikes enchantment since all the extra charge would go to waste on a constant effect item and you can only fit so much enchantment into the actual object.